Monday, August 09, 2010

New Look and New Sophistication for the Coltons Point Times

By now those of you who are regular readers have probably noticed a few things different about the CPT starting with the photo at the top of this story I took looking across the Potomac River here at Coltons Point toward Virginia.  That view extends the length of our little village and the river is about two miles wide at this view.  A mile downriver near the St. Clement's Museum the river grows to seven miles wide and the view is sill breath taking.

Interestingly, the photo includes the Virginia riverside locations of the birth of two famous people in our history, President George Washington, father of our nation, and Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate Army.  As a surveyor Washington used to walk the lands of Coltons Point before leading us through the Revolution while Lee is recognized as the greatest soldier in American history and a friend of Abraham Lincoln whose army he fought to defeat.  Not many people know Lincoln offered to name him commander of the Union army but he could not give up his loyalty to the South.

I am considering using the photo as background for the title of the paper at the top of the page.  I would likwe to hear what you think about it.  Of course we want first and foremost to look like a newspaper so this idea might be too radical.  Let me know what you think.

I have made a few changes to the paper which I hope you enjoy.  In addition, we now have worked out all the bugs for RSS feeds of the CPT headlines.  If you click on the symbol pictured in this story that you should find on your toolbar above the CPT you can subscribe for free to the headlines and have them fed to your own computer to see the latest stories we publish.  If the story is of interest you can click on it and it will automatically link to the CPT.

If you don't have the RSS icon on your toolbar you can scroll to the bottom of the paper and you will find a "Subscribe" button.  This will also enable you to access the RSS feed.  Big things are planned as we prepare for the fall elections and you will be the first to know the news.

Finally, at the end of each story you have the option of sharing the story on a social site like Facebook.  There are several sites you can choose from and I would hope you might find some stories worth sharing.

For an update on activity, we have passed 250,000 visitors the past year.  Readers from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as from over 100 foreign countries access the CPT.  Please tell all your friends about the CPT as word of mouth remains our best and only form of advertising.

We take pride in being an independent voice bringing you the truth behind the news and the stories you are not being told by the media.  Your comments are always welcome.  I thank you for checking us out and hope you enjoy our improvements.

Jim Putnam, Publisher    

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conjo1963 said...

Great picture. I have to do a couple "zooms" since your print has gotten smaller...not a problem. Always enjoy your views. Are you going to issue your top 25 college football poll this year?