Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Outside the Beltway - The People's View - Colorado Primary


A new feature of the Coltons Point Times is local election analysis from local people who are not partisan hacks. These are real people far removed from the Washington beltway.

Our first analyst is Ed O'Connor from Northern Colorado and his analysis was given just before the primary yesterday. Ed was one of the record setting Colorado voters to vote by mail. He is a retired fighter pilot from the Air Force and retired commercial pilot from Northwest Airlines.

All photos are from Ed and the plane is one he built and flies throughout the country.

His analysis and predictions follow:

Hey Jim: I live in Weld County, a very conservative area of Colorado. Did I mention we have a lot of water that Denver wants here in Colorado.

From a political viewpoint, just about everyone I associate with is conservative and a Republican and is pretty unhappy with the present congress, the President and the state officials. That being said:

The Republicans have a golden opportunity to gain back some of the losses from the last election but as usual, egos and money have really screwed things up. Not to mention some charges made against the candidates for Governor and Ken Bucks inability to realize he is never off the record when he speaks.

I am a big believer in Party trumps individuals in a two party political system. There is no substitute for being in the majority. If your party is not in control of the majority you really have nothing. You do not control the agenda, the committees, the bills nor the votes. So it really pisses me off to see the Republicans blow an opportunity to take back the statehouse. Ritter has been a disaster to the state.

I listen to these politicians make statements that if they are elected they will do certain things which any one with a brain knows that unless they are in the majority, they stand no chance to accomplish any of what they say.

So I fail to understand people like Trancedo who just make it more difficult to gain a conservative majority in the state regardless of who it is.

At present, I think Ken Buck (who is from Weld CO) will win the Republican Senate race and will beat any Democrat running, Bennett, or Romanoff.

The Governors race is harder to call because of the Republican bickering, Trancedo in the race who draws all of his support from Republicans. As of now Hickenlooper looks like he may win because of the split vote for the Republican or Constitutional Party Candidate

And I think Markey will be defeated as no one in this district is happy with her except the Democrats and this is a Republican district.

Of course I have been wrong in the past so who knows.

[Note from Publisher - Results showed Ken Buck did win as Ed projected. He will oppose Bennet in the general election. Ed said it was too close to call the GOP governor's race and with most precincts reporting the race between Maes and McInnis is 50% each with Maes, the surprise outsider, about 3,000 votes ahead. It looks like it is headed for a recount. Ed is right again. His final predictions about Hickenlooper and Markey concern the general election and will not be known until November 2. Way to go Ed - a perfect record so far!]


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