Thursday, August 12, 2010

From Main Street to News Media - This is What the Obama Polls Mean!


He has the right to criticize who has the heart to help.
Abraham Lincoln

Today the national and cable news is wondering how President Barack Obama can have a relatively high favorable rating when the general public is solidly against all the Obama policies. In fact the public believes the president is dead wrong on 10 of 12 national issues.

Well if the media ever got out of their ivory towers they would know the truth. The public elected the president to break one of the last racial barriers in America and prove to the rest of the world that we live by the Constitution that guarantees equal rights to all.

A favorable rating means little in terms of government policy and for the media eggheads in our nation's capitol who still believe the sun rises and sets in Washington, get real! The day Obama took office he had accomplished the mission most Americans expected of him, he became our first Black president. From that day on nothing more was expected.

As Obama settled into the role of "just another politician" and greased the flow of campaign money into the Democrat coffers the media and White House started misreading the tea leaves. Obama's agenda was never in touch with America, he placed a dozen social issues over the economy, jobs and the deficit.

The result was his poll numbers faded like that of all professional politicians. So why does his favorable rating seem abnormally high compared to the total rejection of the public of the Obama agenda? First of all, since his disapproval is higher than his approval I find it ridiculous that the media sees it as so high.

But the real story is this. After it became clear to the public that Obama had an agenda far removed from the will of the people, the people determined that his performance had no relationship to his favorable rating. They have no expectations of what he will accomplish because they know he is just another politician like the rest. If nothing more is expected you should have a favorable rating.

What our misguided media gurus really refuse to acknowledge is how little they understand the public. The media continue to compare the Democrats to the Republicans as if that is all there are in America when the public long ago rejected the two parties as representative of their mood. The media trashes any breach of their two party approach yet history tells us the people have never embraced just two parties.

In the last 50 years thanks to the media and professional politicians the two parties have been protected by the most discriminatory laws that still exist. Independents or third party movements face the most unfair, biased and discriminatory laws since Blacks were denied the right to vote. In the 150 years before the two party stranglehold on the American electoral process there were always three major parties and often there were four on the ballot.

Any effort by a Ross Perot or Tea Party to try and break through the political straight jacket is viciously attacked by the media acting as the surrogates for the political hacks that rule America. In most states the Independent voter is not eligible to vote in the primary because the primary is only for Democrats and Republicans. In the few states where Independents can participate they usually have to join one of the two parties for the day in order to vote.

The Independent voter in America is more disenfranchised than Blacks or Hispanics. Yet every year more and more Americans abandon the Democrats and Republicans and join the Independent movement that has been growing since Ross Perot nearly broke the stranglehold 18years ago. In truth, Perot is the Godfather of the modern Independent movement.

Yet modern Independents, who join parties like the GOP in order to even get on the ballot, are treated like second class citizens by the news media. Just today the liberal media was laughing about all the "odd ball" candidates that won primaries and are on the ballot come November 2. Odd balls? I thought any American citizen could run for office, not just the political elite. I thought grassroots candidates always were the best reflection of the mood of the people.

So why do the news media label them odd balls and try and undermine their efforts to get elected? It can only be because the media has such a cozy relationship to the professional politicians they want to protect the Obama, Pelosi, Reid and even Republicans who are card carrying members of the good old boy network.

Now here is the real insight from Main Street. There is a reason that the only group that approaches our politicians in Congress for the lowest favorable rating in America is, of course, the news media. There is a reason Main Street trusts the citizen bloggers more than the news media for getting the truth. And there is a reason Main Street knows the news media is driven by entertainment rather than truth, and by bias and polarization rather than facts.

Any people anywhere being inclined and having the power have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and force a new one that suits them better.
Abraham Lincoln

The media elitists share the same bottom dwelling position as the politicians because long ago they lost their objectivity and choose ratings over truth, revenue over integrity and egos over honesty. I say good for America! The sooner we break the two party stranglehold and the news media domination of our nation's capitol the sooner we can have hope and inspiration for the future.

Odd Balls are American compared to elitists in the media and politics.  In fact, by today's standards Abraham Lincoln would have been an odd ball as he had no formal education, minimum social skills, was rather tall and gawky and was a candidate from a fourth party on the ballot.  We would never have had America's greatest president if odd balls weren't elected.  Elect Odd Balls - things can't get any worse!

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