Friday, August 06, 2010

Today in Obamaville - August 6


Liberal Environmentalists Condemn Mother Earth for Gulf Oil Clean Up

The liberal environmentalists have condemned the amazing job done by Mother Earth to cleanup the mess caused by people in the Gulf BP oil spill. The release by the White House of a detailed scientific analysis of the status of the oil spill, in which government scientists and private environmental consultants admit 75% of the oil is now gone from the Gulf, has enraged the far left environmentalists who will not get years of government subsidies to study the long term effects of no oil on the Gulf.

The report says 25 percent of the spill has been recovered or removed, another 25 percent has been dispersed, and another 25 percent has been evaporated or dissolved. Mother Earth has microbes in the oceans that dissolve much of the junk mankind dumps as well as takes care of accidental or natural oil leaks in the waters of the world. She has been doing this for millions of years. When the water temperature gets warmer more microbes eat away at the waste.

Right now the Gulf is at record high temperatures thanks to the heat wave provided by Mother Earth. Simple logic says high temperatures create more microbes that eat more oil. It is just as likely that even more than 25 percent of the leak was dissolved by Mother Earth, far more than mankind has done.

The leak has been sealed, now it is time to let nature take her course with a little help from continued clean up by BP. What the people of the Gulf need is people telling the world that they should be going to the beaches, eating Gulf seafood and be happy that thanks to the stunning efforts of Mother Earth the doom and gloom forecasts will not happen.

MSNBC Features Donny Deutsch - New Cast Member for Jersey Shore?

Our favorite hotbed for liberal media propaganda, MSNBC, allowed advertising bad boy Donny Deutsch back on the Morning Joe Show after twice jerking the legend in his own mind off the air for mindless bad taste. His new image of tight tee shirts to show off his bulging muscles in order to make this wannabe cast member for the Jersey Shore more desirable to the women of MSNBC just doesn't work.

As he continues to fight the midlife crisis, he is 53 and not a Hamptons playboy anymore, he pumps iron, continues to insult women and has gone from Armani suits to painted on tee shirts. His first effort to be the TV star he knows he is, was a show on CNBC that promptly got cancelled. It was just the beginning of controversy for the bionic tongue.

On February 22, 2010, Deutsch, a self-described Democrat, called Florida's Cuban-American Senate candidate Marco Rubio the racially derogatory term "coconut" on The Joy Behar Show. On April 27, 2010, MSNBC suspended him from appearances on their programming for including MSNBC hosts Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz in his Angry Americans special.

Deutsch began appearing on MSNBC programs again on June 4, 2010 but weeklong anchoring stint on MSNBC by Donny ended abruptly when he made unflattering mention of that channel’s No. 1 anchor and liberal, Keith Olbermann. Mr. Deutsch had labeled his hour on MSNBC “America the Angry,” and Mr. Olbermann was shown briefly in a series of clips of media figures during a segment that pondered what role the media plays in fomenting the public’s anger.

Just a couple of weeks ago on the "Morning Joe." show he was the only panelist to decry Sarah Palin's inspiring new video designed to galvanize conservative women for the midterm elections, an act that puzzled even his liberal colleagues. New York Times writer Andrew Ross Sorkin and Time magazine's Mark Halperin interjected to refute Deutsch, but the determined advertising guru just talked over them: "Listen to me! The American public wants more than 'I protect my cubs' ''.

As described in other media at the time, "With all the subtlety of an air horn, Deutsch revealed the source of his visceral antipathy for Palin: "I'm a Democrat, I really hope she's going to do Iowa and she's going to win South Carolina and she's the party's candidate because she's unelectable."

My advice to NBC in their continuing efforts to figure out what to do with him to keep his ad clients buying network spots is to get him a role as a mentor on the Jersey Shore cast where the sizzling lip from current cast may silence him once and for all. Maybe the kids on Jersey Shore will teach him to finally grow up.

Obama Travels to Ford Factory to Declare Ford Success due to his Auto Bailout

Yesterday President Obama finally made it to a Ford plant, I mean Ford is the most successful auto company in America, and tried to take credit for Ford's success as a result his multi billion dollar auto bailout. Did the president forget that Ford refused to take any bailout money from Obama for the auto bailout, which really was a union bailout that left the union and federal government owning GM and Chrysler?

No financial analyst in the world attributes Ford's dramatic success to not taking Obama's bailout money yet the White House does. I doubt anyone on Main Street will buy the twisted logic either but the Obama gang continues to think the America public is just plain stupid and that is a huge mistake. All he had to do was talk about the success of Ford, their executives, the productivity of their workers, the concessions of their unions and their new product lines and avoid trying to politicize a good thing, but avoiding partisan politics is not on Obama's teleprompter.

New Economic Report can't find Stimulus from the Stimulus

Today's employment report showed that the billions being thrown into so called Obama stimulus has failed to stimulate much of anything in the economy as unemployed went up, the unemployment rate did not go down, the stimulated banks aren't doing anything to stimulate the economy, the government laid off 202,000 while the private sector hired 71,000. After over a trillion dollars in stimulus spending it seems the economy has been pumped full of Valium and remains in a stupor. Maybe the Democrats should try something else?

Elena Kagan Approved for Supreme Court - Harvard wins Again

In yet another example of the Harvard stranglehold on the Obama government Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan was approved by the Senate as the next member of the Supreme Court. It is the first time three women have served together on the court.

Kagan is the fifth Harvard law school grad currently serving, while Yale has three and Columbia has one although the Columbia grad, Ginsberg, also attended Harvard law school. I suppose Harvard will say there are 5 1/2 justices from Harvard. One might note that this gives the three Ivy League schools total control of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court reflection on religion in America is just as dramatic as gender and the Ivy League law schools. America is the citadel of religious freedom in the world. There are now about 4,200 different types of religion and over 100 major religions in the world.

There are now 6 Catholics and 3 Jews on the Supreme Court. Of course Catholics are the largest religious denomination in America and the world and the Jews are one of the smallest and since the Catholics are a direct offshoot of the Jews about 2,000 years ago I suppose it is no wonder all 9 came from the same religious lineage.

The CPT was the first newspaper to endorse Kagan long ago because she was a female, has a great sense of humor, she smiles more than all the rest put together, and she has a great softball swing.


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