Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cheer up Folks - Class is Not Dead Yet in the Arts!


For some odd reason in spite of growing up in Iowa I was hopelessly drawn to the footlights of Broadway and the challenge of real people doing real performances in front of a crowd.  It was always my idea of one of the greatest challenges ever and I never lost my love for the theater and live performance on film.

In spite of the entertainment changes over the years nothing is quite like live performance on stage or in film.  Just to show you true creative talent is still with us, check out these two videos.  The first is a stunning dance performance from the Festival du cirque de domain that was posted on YouTube by Jongzki Fetalver.

The second is the kind of artistic commerical for Pantene that you will never see on US television about a deaf girl who wants to play the violin.  Do not miss this.


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