Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Primary Losers News Media, Pundits, Democrats and Republicans - the Mighty Beast is Awaken

With the book almost closed on the primary campaigns this year the entire Washington establishment has entirely missed the message given by the voters across the country. Not surprising with the egos that dominate the mirrors of Washington, they have become such a legend in their own minds.

Today, the day after Colorado, Georgia, Connecticut and Minnesota party voters went to the polls, the analysis from Washington was nonsense and it did not matter if it was from the news media, the political pundits, the political parties or the politicians, they were all spinning yarns that made Mark Twain classics seem lame.

One thing is clear and the know-it-alls in our nation's capitol haven't got a clue, there is a tsunami bearing down on Washington and a whole lot of people will be unemployed come November. If you study the signs from across the country starting with the New Jersey and Massachusetts races at the beginning of the year, politics in America and news media analysis are dead in the water.

The Tsunami bears the name THE PEOPLE and those people could care less what the media or politicians in DC say, think or do, the time has come to clean house once and for all. No one expects it to be easy. It may take two or three election cycles, but the restless spirit of the Beast, the conscious of the American people, has been awaken to the fraud, lies, deception and addiction to money that dominates every aspect of life in the capitol.

Special interests supply the narcotic, money, to fuel the corrupted votes of the politicians, as the pundits spin stories to keep their pet politicians in office, while the politicians shout change and do what they have been doing for years, sell out the public and the nation, and all the while the media cover up the truth.

The primaries this year lifted the veil on the unholy alliance of the news media, pundits, political parties, politicians and special interests. Don't think for a minute that the people do not understand. Just look at the analysis if you want to see the truth.

This morning on the sanctuary for liberal socialism, NBC's own MSNBC, a steady stream of liberal analysts from the New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, Huffington Post, and on and on touted the great Obama victory in the Colorado senate race. Obama backed Bennet while Bill Clinton backed the opponent Romanoff.

Bennet won with 54% to 46%. But the Washington insiders missed the real facts of the race. Bennet got 183,521 vote against Romanoff with 155,016, meaning 338,537 Democrats voted. In the GOP primary Ken Buck upset the favorite with 52% to 48%, or 209,967 GOP votes to 197,143 for a total GOP vote of 407,110. That means both GOP candidates beat the winning Democrat by 26,446 and 13,622 respectively while an astounding 70,000 more Republicans voted than Democrats.

After spending millions of dollars more than the GOP candidates and having Obama come to Colorado and hold fundraisers, along with election day voter robo calls, Bennet and the Democrats still got clobbered. But that it only the beginning. The real source of voter discontent in America is the huge block of Independents who are the force behind the Tea Party.

In Colorado Independents could not vote in the primary unless they joined a primary which 82,000 did. However, the vast majority of Independents, about 750,000, did not even vote in the primary. This is the group that is overwhelmingly anti-politician and anti-incumbent. Poll afer poll show they are mad as Hell at both parties but madder at the incumbents. Bennet is the Senate incumbent and should lose the vote of the Independents by a landslide. Combined with the GOP vote total an Obama backed Democratic incumbent who supports the work of Obama and Pelosi should be easily defeated in the general election.

You will not hear that truth from the Washington news media, political pundits, political parties or the politicians because they are in denial and soon will be swept away in the general elections no matter how much special interest money and how many trips Obama may make to Colorado. Stay tuned and listen for the sound of the approaching Tsunami.


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