Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sarah's Back and the Liberals are Wailin' as Palin tears down the Wall of Silence


Just as Sarah Palin bursts back onto the American scene in a way that makes huge losers of all those who tried to destroy her, President Obama hops on Air Force One and heads to Asia for the next week. Coincidence or did the thought of Palin stealing the national spotlight for a few days drive him to the other end of the world.

It seems as if there was a Wall of Silence built around Sarah last year by the liberal media and only stories that trashed and bashed her reached the papers and airways. They kept her out of the media alright but they couldn't keep this straight talking reformer from reaching right into the hearts and minds of all those Americans who feel disenfranchised by corrupted politicians and special interests, by Obama who promised to fix the corrupt system, and yes, even by the news media who sell advertising to the corrupt people.

Like the Berlin Wall that came tumbling down ten years ago, Palin's Wall of Silence has come tumbling down now and all the King's horses and all the King's men (the Obama White House gang) along with the fanatic liberals who think they got Obama elected, are helpless, hapless and hopeless as they watch her media blitz.

You see, the only way a small group of outspoken liberals could keep Sarah away was to deny her access to the powerful television personalities and their high ratings. They did it for a year. During the campaign and after they would not allow her on their programs. Celebrities like Oprah and Barbara Wawa kept her away from their millions of fans.

Just when the libs think they have discredited Palin for good thanks to Katie Couric and CBS and their exposure of the punk who got Palin's daughter pregnant. Remember him? It was his exposure (good old Levi Johnson) they were exposing when they made him a media sensation because the Alaska slacker was going to bare all for Playgirl magazine. Now that may excite Katie but it hardly deserved to make the national news headlines.

Can you believe those people staging these non-news news stories? Pornography is one of the deadliest sins of the most popular technology of the 21st Century, the Internet. CBS was effectively generating porn traffic by highlighting the Playgirl spread, so to speak, on our bare, bear hunter, back woods boy from the northern frontier. Then Levi goes and tries to capitalize on the shame he brought to the Palin's.

Then Palin writes a book. This is the same ditty the media had been trashing all along. If she was brainless and clueless like the liberals said how could she ever write a book? When it was forecast to be a runaway best seller and she was given a $1.4 million advance it nearly choked the poor liberals to death.

But the greatest thrust of the dagger into their hearts came when fellow liberal stalwarts Oprah Winfrey and Barbara (the View) Wawa brought down the liberal media Wall of Silence around Sarah and booked her onto their popular television shows. Here's a secret. November is sweeps month for the TV programs when Nielsen measures the audiences and those rating are used to set the cost of advertising on those programs for the next few months.

Advertising is the lifeblood of television. The ratings determine the value of that lifeblood. So, Oprah casts aside the liberals and books Sarah on her show to be the first to introduce her new book, Sarah Palin - Going Rogue. Very smart indeed. So much like a capitalist. Barbara then lands a series of interviews with Palin to be shown on numerous shows on ABC next week beginning with Good Morning America. Let us see how many more book sales these rare appearances by Palin generate, and then we can determine if she might not be a lot smarter on the economy than we were told.

However, the Palin triumph does not stop there. In fact it didn't even start there. They came to her and asked her to be on their shows. She already had set up a national book tour to go out and meet the public while promoting her book. Sarah always understood that governing in America is all about the people, not the politicians and special interests. Look out for her. She will be cruisin the country in a big RV with a giant size painting of her book cover on it.

Her first stop will be Grand Rapids, Michigan. The home of the auto companies, union dominated and liberal leaning state of Michigan hardly seems the place for a conservative to launch her tour. But this was the very city the McCain campaign would not let her visit during the campaign saying there was no way to win Michigan. Palin said she would pay for the trip herself if she could go see the people of Michigan. Still the McCain people refused.

She patiently waited a year and now she is fulfilling one of her unhappy campaign experiences, not being able to go to Grand Rapids. People say they like Palin because "she is one of us." They also like her passion, compassion, principles, honesty and independence. After watching her survive one of the most intense and hateful smear campaigns in history, this much you really appreciate about Sarah Palin. She is one of us. She is not one of them.

This small town girl from the Alaska frontier grew up with dreams like all of us have. She dreamed of being a good Christian, having a good husband and kids, and building a good life. She was independent, strong willed, flew her own bush plane and learned survival in the frontier. She had absolutely nothing in common with the silver spoon liberal left.

This time Just Plain Sarah will get a fair chance in the media to present herself to the American public as she goes where she is most at home, in the heartlands and great plains, the mountains and small towns, and Main Streets of America. Here is where people understand Palin is someone who genuinely cares about you and your life.

Here is where she can relate to all those who have sent a son to fight in the war. Who are raising a handicapped child. Who have lived through the tragedy of teen pregnancy. Who have been frustrated by government and are fed up with special interests and Wall Street. Who are dedicated to bringing about change in our government, change that restores the morals and morality of our nation. Change we still have not got.

Love her or hate her Sarah Palin is going to carry on the spirit of patriotism that resonates with most Americans along with her Christian values and common sense approach to honest government. Palin is definitely someone who has "Gone Rogue". She might just be our best hope to stop them.


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