Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sarah Palin Didn't Resign - She Just Reloaded


So now we know where Sarah has been these past few months since she abruptly resigned as governor of Alaska. "She didn't resign, she just reloaded," according to the one person who may know her best, Charles Heath, her father. And by the way, for those in the liberal media who think she came in from the backwoods, her father was a science teacher while her mom worked in the school system.

As Palin took over the media in America for the week, what with Obama racing off to Asia to give away what was left of American dignity to Japan, China and Russia, Palin came out firing and has left many people in a daze from appearances with Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Rielly, Glenn Beck, Dennis Miller, and Greta Van Sustern, while Letterman and Larry King tried to capitalize on her electrifying ratings boost.

Newsweek magazine featured Sarah Palin on the cover in a sexist workout photo, one they did not even take themselves. Of course the wimps from the executive suite had to say it was the most appropriate photo for Palin, which makes one wonder what in the hell goes on inside the magazine editorial meetings. Do they sit around checking out photos on all women and men to be featured on the cover looking for the most skin?

At a minimum it was an insult to the photographers at Newsweek. It was also a misrepresentation by the runners magazine who took the photo in the first place for a story about working out. They never disclosed to Palin they intended to sell the photo to anyone who agreed to smear her. This is the kind of sneaky, backroom macho action one might find in a den of weasels or boys locker room. So much for journalism in America.

Every major paper in America including the far left ran front page stories on Palin as she dominated the news more than any losing candidate for vice president in history. Her populist appeal, common sense approach, and refusal to be caught up in the politics of Washington make her a breath of fresh air in the toxic wasteland of our nation's capitol.

However, as we wait for daylight on day three of Obama's wailin, Palin blues week over 1,500 people are lined up in the dark at the Grand Rapids bookstore to buy Palin books. The same town where Sarah wanted to campaign but the McCain folks told her no last fall. A town and state that overwhelmingly voted for Obama and has been shaking their heads ever since.

As for Palin reloading, a lifetime NRA member like her does not need a lot of time for reloading and yesterday she took off the gloves on issue after issue with Rush Limbaugh who peppered her with policy questions and she fired back with no notes, no dodging issues and no hesitation to say that we never got the change promised by Obama. On Barbara Walters she graded Obama as a 4 out of 10 and I think she was being generous.

If the liberal media bothers to read the Rush transcript they will be stunned. When she has no handlers and can speak her mind her genuine concern about the future of America and the working people of America comes across loud and clear. Her knowledge of issues far surpasses what the media says she knows. And her ability to relate to people is a far cry from the Ivy League aloofness and arrogance of Obama.

Members of Congress better pay attention to Palin and what she has to say. Even the most liberal polls show Congress has a 15% favorable rating, the lowest in history. Still Congress under the Democratic leadership continues to ignore the public, ignore their own base, and maintain their record-breaking spending spree toward the economic ruin of America.

The most scientific polls in America show Obama has a 48% favorable rating while the most liberal polls show Obama gets just 42% favorable rating from White voters. Independents and cross-over Republicans have jumped ship because when Obama took office he was not the man they thought they elected. His agenda changed, his demeanor changed, his ego grew and his arrogance hardened as he sought to carry out his own secret agenda rather than what he promised the people. In America the people do not forget.

Each day Obama is on his far east tour where he has suffered policy defeat after policy defeat he looks more tired, more frustrated and more disengaged from the American public. Astonishingly his top advisors, who seem hell bent on leading Obama and the nation to self destruction, have done nothing to calm the political waters and in fact have poured gasoline on the flames with their hard line that only they know what is right for America.

As for Palin, she is out where Obama fears to tread, meeting the ordinary people on Main Street, listening to them, and preparing to fight for them. Thank God someone not part of the corrupt political system is willing to take all the abuse and smears to try and fix our country.

Obama's one shining light in the Administration is the one light he put out, Hillary Clinton. If I were Obama and Hillary resigned this next year, two years ahead of time, I would start thinking of retirement if Goldman Sachs has not already taken care of him as Clinton is the only Democrat who could keep the Democrats in office if she ran and defeated Obama in the presidential primaries in 2012. If she does not quit and run against Obama then the Republicans will surely win.

Two women stand in the face of Obama's quest to make history, Sarah Palin in front of him and Hillary Clinton standing behind. Both of them may have reloaded. The only question may be how many Democrats in the House and Senate does Obama take down with him?

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