Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is Hillary about to Pillory Obama?


As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton goes more and more rogue from the policies of the Obama Administration is there a danger that she might just resign and decide to make one more run for the presidency?

Certainly the signs of dissatisfaction are becoming obvious as Obama and his White House palace guard seem to drift from issue to issue while never resolving anything when it comes to foreign policy. At the same time Hillary has been running stronger and stronger in the polls while our rudderless president continues to crash reaching new lows day by day.

The Obama gang, and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in particular, demand blind loyalty to the president and to the agenda they give the president regardless of the reality of their policies or concerns of the public. Such a detachment from the American political process and people is suicidal as one can see from the collapsing poll numbers.

While the palace guard have worked out some sort of relationship with Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer at the House and Harry Reid at the Senate, strong arming Congress is not a way to win support or loyalty in the log run and Democrats have started abandoning the policies of the president at an alarming rate. Even the liberal elitists have stopped singing the blind praises of Obama and started questioning the strange way policy is determined and implemented.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, was never one of the adoring followers of Obama. Thanks to the antics of her husband, she has just about seen it all at the White House and knows the mess the staff can create for the president. Because of that she didn't complain when Emanuel, err Obama, appointed foreign policy watchdogs to the White House staff to keep an eye on her.

The spies didn't seem to realize that Hillary didn't need Obama to introduce her to foreign leaders, she already had a pretty deep portfolio without the new kid on the block. For six months she maintained a low profile as the White House staff quickly over-extended its reach, played too many games in the interest of the country, and got bogged down in it's own quagmire of inertia and inconsistency.

Even a prolific ballet dancer like Emanuel is having a hard time pirouetting out of the mess they have created with the sluggish decision-making process, conflicting direction and lack of leadership. Still the palace guard refuses to abandon it's social agenda and deal with jobs and deficits like the public demands.

The result, quite predictable, was the loss of the governorship in two key battleground states, New Jersey and Virginia this year. Of far more ominous concern is the fact many Democrats in the House and Senate can see their own political self-survival threatened in next years' elections if they continue to back the rather bizarre agenda of the Obama gang.

The failure to address the jobs and deficit while padding the pockets of Obama contributors to the tune of billions of dollars could already be fatal to the president as his chances for reelection in 2012 become dimmer by the day. Already his own favorable rating is below half and his unfavorable is above half while his policies across the board are backed by just 15-30% of the public. Independents are having no trouble making up their mind as they flee the Obama train wreck.

Does anyone believe Hillary is willing to allow her popularity and future go up in flames because of blind loyalty to the Obama bunglers? No Hillary always spoke her beliefs and her decisive leadership is a stark contrast to the waffling president. So she has started distancing herself from him.

Several times she has ignored the Obama gang policy book and said what she believed to the press and public, a far cry from the absolutely controlled press in the White House. Most certainly it infuriated Little Napoleon and the rest of the White House gang.

She actually had the audacity to wonder to the media about the succession of the presidency of North Korea, one of the main Obama thorns in the side. You see Kim Jong-il, the mysterious leader who loves American movies and nuclear missiles, may also be quite ill. Such a breach of protocol by the Secretary of State was frowned upon by the Obama boys.

Hillary also double-crossed the liberal elitists being kept on a short chain by the White House when she said forget about human rights in China and focus on the economy as China pretty much already owns the USA. She also said Israel had to make unprecedented concessions regarding the settlements or there could be no Mid East peace,

She backed the generals in Afghanistan while Biden has led the inside charge against her within the Administration. Finally, she has been rather silent about the bank bailout, economic stimulus and other odd efforts by the Administration to half-heartedly address the public concerns as if she knew they were a sham from the first place.

One might expect the Obama gang to start a media leak campaign to get her out since they know they cannot control her. Circulating rumors about her spats with the White House is normally a good first indicator that someone is being made a scapegoat for the president's failed foreign agenda.

However, this might truly backfire. If they force out Clinton she becomes the only Democrat who could take him on in the 2012 primary and beat him. One would think the conniving White House staff would already be making their moves. So is she.

Now, if she resigns without White House interference then it is a much darker signal to the White House that Hillary intends to lay claim to the title that should have been hers were it not for the nearly one billion dollars spent against her before in the race for the presidency of the White House.

Stay tuned as this is about to get real interesting.


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