Friday, November 20, 2009

The Day of Reckoning Has Come - for the White House, Congress and Wall Street


It is now time for an end to the senseless babble in our nation's capitol, an end to the claims by the politicians to know what is RIGHT for America. Now is the time to end the meaningless charges and counter-charges, the pointing of the finger in blame, and the bias and bigotry, hatred and paralysis that dominates Washington.

The Democrats continue to point the finger at Bush for the troubles that now belong to the Democrats. They point the finger at the Republicans for opposing whatever the Democrats want to do. But the Democrats control everything, the House, the Senate and the presidency, if they want something the Republicans can't stop it.

As for the Republicans, the minority party gives them a new perspective, at least in the Senate and presidency. Don't forget, the House has been controlled by Speaker Pelosi since 2006, not 2008. But the Republicans often act more like spoiled kids than a constructive force to bring reason and sanity to the insanity of the Democrats.

So far, there really is no difference between the two parties. Oh the circumstances might have changed a little but in truth there is no difference. We still have the same two wars. We still have a crippled economy. We still debate how to increase the size of government rather than reduce it. Health care reform has little to do with real reform and a lot to do with control.

The Democrats want to control health care costs by spending about a trillion more dollars. What kind of math is that? The White House refuses to offer anything for fear it will be yet another failure on its dismal post-election legacy. Is that leadership? And the Republicans, well they have the right ideas to reduce costs but no ability to rise above the fight and present their case.

Dig a little deeper and whatever philosophical differences might have existed between the two parties is lost in a fog. That fog is the millions of dollars pouring in from Wall Street and special interests to make sure that our current system of legalized corruption remains alive and well. Both parties run around with their hands out and the money keeps flowing in.

Yesterday Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lectured the Afghanistan president Karzai on the need for meaningful actions to fight corruption or the United States would withhold support for that struggling nation. It was impressive. But it was the wrong audience. Before we worry about how Afghanistan runs it's country we should look in the mirror at our own country. Hillary needs to make that speech to the White House and Congress where it is really needed.

Congress and the Obama administration, just like Bush and his Administration, have made corruption such an established way of life in Washington that the keys to the Treasury have been lost and the door remains open wide. For all the mistakes made by Bush, it seems Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid and Franks have not fixed one, not one, of the obvious flaws in our system in a year.

Lobbyists rule the halls of congress. Special interests are pouring billions of dollars into the campaign coffers of all the Democrats and Republicans. Wall Street would be laughing all the way to the bank if they didn't already own the bank. Our politicians have given Goldman Sachs, Morgan, Citigroup, Bank of America and who knows who else an unlimited ATM card to draw upon the national treasury. And we are not requiring repayment, not charging interest, could care less about bonuses, and don't care how they spend the money.

Democrats and Republicans alike are equally to blame and equally benefit from this, the greatest raid on the Treasury in our nation's history. Has Pelosi, Reid or Franks passed any campaign finance reform? No! Restrictions on lobbyists? No! How about closing the loopholes on unregulated banks? No! Well have they at least stopped illegal securities scams from being sold? No!

Has Obama or the folks at Treasury stopped almost interest free loans to banks that refuse to give loans to our citizens or businesses? No! Have they blocked the billions of dollars in bank bonuses being paid from money stolen from the government? No! Has Barney Franks stopped the mortgage mess? No! How about at least prosecuting the perpetrators of high crimes against the government who stole our money? No! Well has he at least disclosed which Senators and Congressmen were given sweetheart loans by the corrupt mortgage companies? No!

Of course none of these things have happened because the politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, don't want all their friends and partners in crime to be sitting in jail. As long as they are fighting with each other and pointing fingers they figure the public is distracted from the truth and too stupid to figure out it allows them to continue ripping off the government, us, and they will do this for as long as we let them.

There simply is no difference between a Democrat and Republican. Both parties cry foul as they continue to feed off their enemies. No one can fix Wall Street because everyone from the president to congress is beholden to Wall Street for being elected. Now, when there is a force so powerful that it has obliterated the difference between what used to be competitive political parties, what chance is there a beneficiary of the bribes and gifts will turn on them?

In America there are no politicians left with NO STRINGS ATTACHED in our nation's capitol. Still we might forgive them their digressions if they would actually acknowledge the mistakes, apologize for them, and fix the mess but that is just not going to happen. When the bushel of apples is rotten it doesn't matter if you throw one out of the bushel, the bushel still remains rotten.

This is a very sad time in America. The people have been abandoned by their elected officials and their government. Our banks and medical services have been contaminated by the same evil forces just as our mortgage and credit card companies have abandoned us. They are all in control. They don't care about anything but feeding an insatiable appetite of greed and they won't stop until they have bled our nation dry.

Once upon a time in America the news media used to be the fifth estate who looked out for the interests of the people. It was the media that exposed the dark side of our capitalist and political systems. Now the media, thanks to their rejection of the concept of neutrality and impartial reporting, are just as much a part of the problem as the politicians.

The Day of Reckoning is upon us. The first vestiges of it were felt in the New Jersey and Virginia races for governor when the president and Democrats lost. But the Republicans were not the ones who won. No, this was the first groundswell of what started 17 years ago when Ross Perot took on the Washington establishment because of their bungling of the economy, giving away our manufacturing capacity and jobs through NAFTA, campaign finance corruption, poor schools and heath care costs that were out of control.

Clinton and Bush, Sr. along with the Democratic and Republican parties, smeared him. Al Gore, VP at the time, even debated him on the benefits of NAFTA. The North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, which did more than any one thing to destroy the manufacturing base in America, was opposed by Perot. Isn't it rather interesting that this agreement was proposed by Bush, Sr. when he was president and approved by Bill Clinton when he was president. Now tell me, what is the difference between the two parties?

The combined forces of the two political parties, Clinton and Bush, Sr. along with a media that did it's best to make Perot look like a fool did not stop him from influencing the outcome of the 1992 election as he received the most votes (20%) by an Independent in the 20th Century. Nor did they stop him from laying the groundwork for a true opposition grassroots movement of the people against the political parties and politicians.

This year the old boys and gals in our nation's capitol suddenly realized the Perot legacy is alive and well because his populist movement was always about what was best for the people. Had Perot become president back then or in 1996 half of congress, the bureaucracy and Wall Street would be in jail right now, not running or pillaging our government.

Two products of the system (New Jersey and Virginia governor's candidates) have already lost this fall to the new grassroots movement. Congress got a little roughed up in health care town halls by the same populist movement. Still the fools in our capitol and Wall Street do not get it. They have one year left before the movement becomes an avalanche and the politicians start getting thrown out by the droves in the elections next fall. Yes, the Day of Reckoning is Upon Us. The Time is at Hand.


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