Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pelosi a heartbeat from Presidency - but miles from Reality


"We won last night," said Pelosi. Only the representative from the legendary land of Oz and home of Timothy Leary could sum up the defeat of the Democrats in New Jersey and Virginia in such a bizarre manner. It is as if she has no concern for the states or the people in them or the fact that Obama won them in an avalanche last year only to lose them less than a year later.

In the wonderful world of Pelosi just how far can the truth be stretched before the mask comes off?

If I were a Democrat and this was the Speaker of the House in my party I might be looking for a new place to live. Now we know her San Francisco Bay area is so liberal that being a socialist is never far enough to the left. Still, she is third in line for the presidency and that is a very scary thought.

Pelosi has been known to act more like a valley girl or bobble head doll on occasion so we are not too shocked by her relative ignorance of current events taking place in Virginia and New Jersey but other Democrats noticed, why not her?

“Every Dem who is up in either 2010 or 2012 knows that last night was big — if the right wing hadn’t meddled in New York’s 23rd, that would have gone GOP, too,” said former Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey, adding that he fears Democrats may be heading for a repeat of some 1990s history. “The electorate appears restless and angry. If they begin to ‘vote the bums out’ as they did in 1994, Democrats know that the next election is going to be extremely difficult.”

Even the darling of the new Democrats Senator Mark Warner from Virginia could see the national implications of the wipeout and the need for honesty by the leadership when he said: "We got walloped!" What a shame the real leaders can't lead as well.

When it comes to the health care or energy bailout and bribery bills considered by the unholy alliance, Pelosi, Reid and Obama, both Pelosi and Senate counterpart Harry Reid, leader of the Senate Democrats, have personally let it be known they will decide what bill the Congress will vote on, what amendments will be offered, how debate will be eliminated, how to get by with no Republican input or involvement 1n the legislative process, and how to justify ignoring the increasing virulent cries of the disenfranchised American voter.

What kind of constitutional process is that? Since our president, trained in constitutional law by the revered institution Harvard Law School, has already been brainwashed in the international code of conduct and usurpation of the rights of nations and people's, I guess the three make a good match. They seem to be genuinely enjoying their private jets (the little one is the government plane for Pelosi) and VIP treatment.

Obama ivy league aloofness, detachment and arrogance will serve him well as he ignores the many campaign promises he made and continue on his doomed path toward a socialist trainwreck in America, thus justifying the long sought elitist goal of the New World Order. Sound fictional? We shall see.


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Wade said...

Not much to say on this issue, except that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are the modern day version of "The Three Stooges". I think Curly, Larry and Moe would have been able to run the country more efficiently.