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The Blockbuster 2012 - The End of Time - Fact or Fiction according to Hopi Prophecy


With the release of the $200 million blockbuster movie 2012 this weekend and the dismal state of the union and the world there is sure to be a renewed interest in the End Time prophecies and perhaps that is a good thing. Throughout the history of civilization there has always been a fascination with the so called apocalypse, the Biblical story of the end of time. In fact the entire last Book of the New Testament, the Book of Revelations, gives us a 2000 year old account of what is to come.

So why is attention suddenly being focused on the year 2012 and why will this movie become a box office hit? First, there are events that have been prophesized for centuries that are coming to a head. For example, the Mayan calendar, one of the most sophisticated astrological wonders ever discovered, abruptly ends on December 21, 2012. Now why did this ancient Indian tribe have an understanding of the science of astronomy that we still cannot duplicate with all our scientific advancement?

Then there is the planetary alignment that takes place every thousand years or so and it just happens to take place in December of 2012. Again the ancient Indians have been proven right by modern science. There was a reason the Mayans worshipped the sun. But the knowledge they had hundreds of years ago defies anything that can be explained by the evolution of mankind. They were centuries ahead of the rest of mankind.

The same is true in other areas of science from the ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids to the ancient Celtics who built Stonehenge. How could they possibly have built these architectural wonders? Plato's account of the lost civilization of Atlantis is yet another case of ancient Greeks knowing things that modern science still cannot figure out.

Author at Stonehenge England

So maybe science does not have the answers. The frequency of the Earth is rising. The Earth has reversed the electro-magnetic spin dozens of times. There have been a series of ice ages followed by global warming and most pre-dated man and the advance of civilization. Al Gore and his Goldman Sachs associates who are becoming millionaires shouting about global warming most certainly know the truth, but there is no profit in truth.

The orbit of the Earth takes an elliptical orbit that takes about 26,000 years to go from the closest point to the sun to the farthest point from the sun and back again. That means we spend 13,000 years moving away from the sun and 13,000 years getting back to the beginning. Global warming seems to happen when we approach the closest point to the sun and we are approaching the closest point right now.

When you go beyond science and add spirituality and metaphysical fields into the equations the result gets even more interesting. Nostradamus and Edgar Casey, two of the most accurate psychics of all time, both saw visions of an apocalypse. From the spiritual realm the Holy Mother Mary, mother of Jesus, has delivered numerous warnings of the approaching trials over the past couple of centuries.

So who or what can we believe when no one knows the truth? There is one other group that most people do not even know that deserves a hearing before we really worry too much about the End Times. It is a group a lot of truth seekers have become aware of but few have ever understood because it was not the mission of this group to be understood.

They are the most ancient of Native American tribes, also known as the People of Peace and Children of God, the Hopi Indian nation. Once upon a time the Hopi dominated the Americas and many ancient tribes have been found to be spin offs of the Hopi. The Hopi have the most complex and sacred of prophecies and their mission has always been to protect Mother Earth from the march of human civilization.

Author before the Hopi Prophecy Stone in Arizona

They are also here to preserve ancient and extinct cultures. The Hopi have never been involved in a war in all their centuries of existence. They have never signed a treaty with the US because they always believed the land could not be owned or bought and sold by people, it was a gift from Father Creator for all people to use what they needed.

The Hopi are the only tribe to never request or need government aid even though our government took away all their lands and left them on a desolate high desert plateau with little rain. Somehow the Hopi have always managed to grow their own food, in the high desert, with no rain.

One of the sacred sites of the Hopi is the Grand Canyon. Other sacred sites like the Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona and Monument Park on the Utah and Arizona border have been contaminated by mankind. Still the Hopi spend 234 days a year in prayer honoring God and asking for guidance to do God's work.

According to ancient Hopi prophecy, mankind goes through cycles of civilization. In each cycle mankind develops until they reach a point of evolution that technological advancement, power, and greed dominate civilization. You see mankind is supposed to find their own way in service to Father Creator and Mother Earth and maintain morality and ethics. When man has failed the spiritual world steps in and cleans up the mess mankind has made by wiping out the immoral and unethical people of the world.

According to the Hopi prophecy, man has been granted five cycles of civilization. We are in the fourth cycle of civilization. As we approach the end of the cycle of civilization we enter a time of Purification when the sins of mankind are exposed for all to see. Corrupt institutions then collapse. As we approach the end of the cycle time speeds up, the Hopi say we enter the Quickening.

It is entirely possible that we are not at the end of times but at the end of the fourth cycle of civilization and although the apocalyptic events may occur, they serve to purify mankind, not exterminate him. If so, those who have not lost their morality can survive to rebuild mankind once again. Maybe we can finally get it right.

Are we at such a point of moral decay, corruption and greed that spiritual intervention is needed? Look at our leaders. Look where they led us. And look where they are still taking us. What the banks and financial institutions have done and are still doing to us is certainly the epitome of corruption. The politicians who bail them out and protect them are certainly corrupt. If we are to avoid the apocalypse we have a long ways to go.

A last couple of points of concern. As for the year 2012, it is the last year of Obama's first term in office. Hummmm. The first year he was in office, 2009, was the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth. His last year in office, 2012, is also the 200th anniversary of the death of Amschel Mayer Rothschild, the architect of the modern banking system, patriarch of the House of Rothschild, and whose followers are advocates of the New World Order to replace all governments. By the way, the House of Rothschild with a wealth estimated at over $250 trillion, dwarfs all governments of the world including the USA.

Is there Hope? The Hopi believe we always have the ability to clean up the mess before spiritual intervention takes place. In fact a few years ago the Hopi went public with their mission, prophecy and solutions for the world to help us find our way. So far the world has chosen to ignore the warnings.

Finally, if we are facing the apocalypse is that bad? I asked the Hopi once how they could know what they know and watch the world fall into corruption and moral decay and still have hope. The told me that spiritual evolution is following the Divine Plan of God. If we believe in the goodness of God then we must accept that events such as the apocalypse are part of the Divine Plan and will help us, all of us, get one step closer to union with Father Creator.

We have a lot to learn from our ancient ancestors and a wealth of information awaits us out in the Arizona desert where the Hopi nation remains, doing God's work, as they have for thousands of years. People who seek the truth and are prepared to do what is necessary for the benefit of mankind can benefit greatly by paying attention to the Hopi.

Those who want to use the Hopi secrets for their own corrupt purposes, well, the Hopi say you are Two Hearts. Are you a One or Two Heart? If you love Father Creator above all else and love all others before yourself you are a One Heart have a chance to dance in the light. Many a Two Heart has tried to steal the secrets and treasures of the Hopi for selfish, ego driven purposes. None have succeeded.

Listen to the following introduction to Hopi prophecy and see if it doesn't ring true.


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Wade said...

All I know is that every day I try to right my wrongs before the Almighty. It is a struggle at times, but God did not create us in order for us to live on "easy street" or to not have challenges in everyday living. I will always strive to live my life as God intended, and not worry about 2012 or any other year.