Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day - Time to Fight for the Defenders of the Flag


Obama is no Kennedy and we didn't get Camelot, but Chicago.

With petty politics dominating our national debate, confusion over our war policy, spiraling unemployment facing those returning from the war zone and price gouging from our banks and credit card companies it seems we are doing little as a nation to honor our veterans upon whose back we have built this temple to the Gods of greed and malicious behavior. Don't you think we could do a little better?

As hot air and no substance rules in our nation's capitol it seems the least we could do is take a few moments to pause and ask what have we done for our defenders. If we were truly in to soul searching as opposed to partisan babble the answer would be clear. Our failure to address the cost of government, rising debt and deficit spending, greed mongering by the very banks we bailed out with tax payers money and the entire specter of empty promises and political lies is a sorry testament to leadership, concern, compassion and honesty.

Nearly a trillion dollars in stimulus has accomplished nothing more than to give Joe Biden a reason to talk about all the jobs we have saved, jobs that simply cannot be found on the horizon. Come on Joe, if you did save any jobs it was by subsidizing inefficient and incompetent government and the minute the money train from Uncle Sugar runs out the public jobs will be eliminated because no local government can afford the jobs.

The Obama stimulus was a trillion dollar campaign fund for congress and the special interests that got all the people's money. We might as well have given the trillion to Goldman Sachs, the SEIU union and Acorn as a return on their multi-million dollar investment in Obama. They could consider it a down payment on the march to socialism they seem to advocate.

Bank bailouts failed. Low interest money to commercial banks proved to be a multi-billion dollar bonus program for Wall Street. Even Goldman Sachs, who has benefited more from the government loans, bailouts and low interest money, has no interest in doing anything different with one exception. Now they are using government funny money to take market risks instead of the money from their clients and own coffers.

Obama and Congress have demonstrated nothing to give people confidence, certainly nothing to indicate it is any different than business as usual, and even less to demonstrate they have a clear policy and the ability to implement the strategy. Our veterans and the people deserved much better. We opened the door to change and got nothing in return. The Obama gang built the old system so we really should have known they would have no new system of governing.

Our highly likeable president continues to dazzle in speeches and fall flat on his face in execution and that is to be expected when a rookie is surrounded by hardened political politicians who say all the right things we want to hear but they know they have no ability to deliver on the promises.

This sure ain't no Kennedy Administration and instead of Camelot we got Chicago. Now Chicago might be good at helping people like Kennedy and Obama get elected with their incredible ability to deliver votes that don't exist, but to rely on Chicago politicians and recycled Clinton people to bring about political change and reform is, well, a sure sign of the very inexperience we were told only Palin had.

At this point the Palin inexperience sure looks good. You could look her in the eye and get a straight answer. And if she didn't have the answer you knew she would get it and not from the old politicians who got us in this mess in the first place, the same ones Obama put back in office.

Obama needs to be the president of all Americans. He needs to learn from JFK , Ronald Reagan and even Bill Clinton that when you are elected president you are president of all the people, not just the Harvard elite. Kennedy was from Harvard and he knew that. We don't anoint presidents we elect them and once elected we are their boss.

If you want to honor the veterans, truly honor the veterans, then stop playing politics with war and foreign relations and make decisions, act bold and demonstrate leadership. We did not pick you to hand off the ball to the nearest person but to slam dunk the damn ball yourself. Stop performing for the Europeans and Middle Eastern countries and even the enemies of America like North Korea and Iran because your popularity ratings in those countries has nothing to do with your leadership here at home.

You are our president, not theirs. We pay your salary. Every time you cow tow to special interests it is our back that takes the dagger and pays the cost. Where is the leader we expected, we were promised, and we elected? Where is the change? It is time you get out of the frat house and into the real world. Listen, don't pontificate. We have had enough of that crap.

Every day you should wake up and remember that it is our Constitution you pledged to defend, the people's Constitution. Your accountability is not to your Chicago cronies or Harvard elitists, not to the weak kneed politicians or corporate thieves, not to the arm chair socialists or societal losers but to the American people.

Stop the partisanship. Stop the bickering over ideological nonsense. Stop taking care of special interests and protecting people who should be prosecuted. Listen to the pulse of the country, listen to the heartbeat of America and you will see how far you have strayed from our expectations. Then act like a president and fix the problems you have so you can fix the problems we have.

When you reach that point you will have honored our veterans by honoring their families and friends, the very people they are willing to die for. Be American and be president and take responsibility and fix this mess and you will have all the support you need. Continue the path you are on and you will be nothing more than another interesting footnote in our presidential history.


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Wade said...

You are so right. In my opinion, Obama only has the title of President of the USA. He can only do or say what his "Bosses" allow him to. Below is a letter I just sent to Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana. These are my true feelings, and there is nothing they can say or do to change my beliefs.

November 10, 2009

Dear Senator Landrieu,

As a registered Democrat since the age of 18, I’m wondering what has happened to our country? This administration is in total chaos (or is it?). They prove to me every day that they don’t have a clue or, are they being controlled by wealthy contributors?

Now as far as Nancy Pelosi, this woman definitely seems to have a serious mental problem. Is she, as well as the House also deaf? Our voices were shouted on Sept. 12th (1.5 million of us). The House didn’t hear. Did the Senate?

I am a Vietnam Veteran who took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, SO HELP ME GOD. I still live according to these values and will always continue to do so. What this administration is doing with Health Care, Cap and Trade, as well as the Stimulus Plans are unconstitutional.

The reason for this letter is to inform you that I DEMAND that you vote “No” on this Health Care Plan when it is in the Senate. We do need reform, but not a government controlled plan. At this point in time, nothing that the government is in control of is in good working order, including our military. Our Commander-in-Chief is now allowing our soldiers to be killed on American soil. How degrading is it to us as well as to the rest of the free world.

Please consider my words, and thank you very much for taking time to read this.


Wade Trosclair