Thursday, December 03, 2009

White House Gate Crashers - National Security Failure or Assassination Attempt


While the White House continues to stonewall Congress in their efforts to get to the bottom of the dangerous gate crashing at the White House State dinner for India by Tareq and Michaele Salahi. The intense resistance by the Office of the Chief of Staff seems far beyond that justified by the simple request from Congress.

Congress wants the White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers to appear and explain what happened from her perspective. What happened seems to be too sensitive for the White House to allow her to testify. They refused to let her speak to congress investigating the national security breach that allowed perfect strangers to personally meet the president and be draped all over the vice president.

According to sources Desiree, a pal of Michelle Obama and Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, was far more interested in her own social climbing than controlling the White House traffic. Now she is a card carrying regular of the Chicago mafia in the White House with Emanuel, Axelrod and Jarrett. Once she joined the White House staff she fired all her staff she considered insignificant because they did no more than check papers at events, meaning check credentials.

As a result, Miss Social Secretary had the first event in the last 20 years at the White House where no White House staff was involved in checking credentials at all the entrance points. Desiree was too involved in her own social agenda hobnobbing with the elite. The first event in 20 years with no White House involvement in checking credentials. Imagine that.

Well one thing is certain about the White House, they all know how to run for cover and point the finger elsewhere. First they blamed the security breach on the Secret Service. Well the Secret Service is not responsible for deciding who should go to events, if they got there, and if they were properly taken care of while there, that is the White House social secretary responsibility.

However, Desiree is the first social secretary to appear on magazine covers, to have her own table at White House events, and to get rid of all the staff necessary to manage the office. She was simply not qualified.

Then her boss, Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina put out a report saying the White House screwed up. That's it. The biggest security breach in years and all they reported was they screwed up. Congress was not satisfied and asked for Desiree and the White House claimed Executive Privilege, a claim only used on critical issues involving the policy and staff conversations of the president.

No lawyer in their right mind would consider Desiree a policy or national security threat and if Obama is discussing presidential policy with an unqualified social secretary he needs his head examined. What secrets could she be hiding worth claiming the rare Executive Privilege. By the way, many previous White House staff have routinely testified before Congress when asked.

Okay, who is really responsible for Desiree? Well, Messina reports to Rahm Emanuel and it would seem the Chief of Staff is the one responsible for what happens in the White House. No one in the media has even mentioned Rahm Emanuel as if he didn't exist. He does exist and he was there since the crashers appeared in photos with him at the State Dinner.

It would appear that Emanuel might be the one having something to hide from Congress and that Desiree and Messina are covering up for him. That leads to all kinds of interesting speculation. Why did the Chief of Staff allow the White House to be unattended by White House staff at a major affair for the first time in 20 years? Why refuse to allow her to testify to Congress? Why can't the truth be allowed to come out?

Better yet, who WAS supposed to get in the White House during this security lapse? Tom Clancy could not have a better plot for a murder mystery than what happened. Of course there is also the interesting dynamics regarding the pro-Jewish and pro-Muslim factions in the White House with Emanuel leading the Zionist side and maybe Jarrett, who was born in Iran, at least being fair to the Muslim side.

Right now the most dangerous site in the world is Iran and the most likely expectation is that Israel is about to wipe out the Iranian nuclear facilities and Iran may try and escalate such an event to world war status. It would be right out of the Osama Bin Laden playbook and he has been pretty darn successful.

If either side in that battle thought the president was taking the side of the other our president's life would be in danger and right now both sides can question who Obama is favoring. Far fetched? Assassination in the Middle East by both sides is a viable and reliable tool of war.

The security breach in the White House would have enabled assassins from either side to take out the president. So the question remains, what does the White House staff have to hide by refusing to talk to Congress about the security breach? How high does it go? What are the implications?

Truth, which seems harder and harder for this White House to provide, may show a much deeper and darker story than what has been told so far.


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