Friday, December 11, 2009

Obama Stuns Nobel Peace Audience - Becomes President at Last


The Nobel Peace Prize committee in Oslo, Norway, the center of the universe for socialists, pacifists and USA bashers, took for granted that newly elected President Obama was in their back pocket when he was elected. Truth be told, his first 10 months in office saw a lot of reinforcement for their decision as Obama was constantly apologizing for America's past, blaming the Bush administration for everything, acting like he would meet whatever demands our enemies needed, and bemoaning the horrors of war.

So it was they gave him the Nobel Peace Prize. Yesterday he picked up the prize and stunned the international media with his address. In the process he took a giant leap forward in maturing as President of the United States, an evolution I have written about on a number of occasions. It was almost as if Obama finally realized he was the one who got elected, not his Chicago gang, not his army of special interests demanding favors and not the liberal elitists who thought they controlled him.

Yes, Barack Obama for the first time spoke as the representative of all the people of America and in the process he did the last thing the Nobels and nobles expected, he stood up for America. Obama turned a platform for world whiners into a proud and defining moment for America. There were no apologies, no defense of America, no bashing of Bush by this president.

He presented a sober and realistic overview of war, acknowledged that evil does exist in the world and it cannot be tolerated. Then he gave a ringing portrayal of America as the only nation who spent the last six decades carrying the burden of the world in providing security for everyone else, with our blood and our bullets. Combining his knowledge of theology and history with his constitutional background, for the first time he acted like, well, the leader of the free world and commander in chief of America.

The pacifists were stunned in Europe. So were the liberal Democrats and socialists back here at home. For a moment at least, Obama was the president for all the people of America and his ringing defense of the war in Afghanistan against world terrorism evoked memories of Reagan. All major Republicans and conservatives and even Sarah Palin acknowledged support and appreciation for what he said. Yes, there is such a thing as a "moral and just" war.

With a little luck Obama can come back and use the same independence and leadership to get control of Congress, get Wall Street regulated and punished, get meaningful health care reform instead of the Democratic nonsense being sold as reform, make green legislation beneficial to the public and not just the fat cat insiders, and maybe even get his Chicago gang to change their strong arm tactics and use a little conversation and compromise to govern our nation.

Much remains to be done and only he can take command from his underlings and congressional allies and make the deals necessary for our Republic to again dominate the world. People in America have shown they are disappointed with politicians and fed up with Wall Street. The only change we want right now is in the nasty rhetoric and senseless wheel spinning in Washington.

They should just shut up, let the nation heal itself, and then they can try and help. Fix the problems. We don't need new laws, radical new programs and a spiraling deficit. We have what we need. Just fix it! Until then, the record is clear. For the past year politicians, Wall Street and special interests have done everything possible to rip off America. They need to be put in their place.

Keep it up Mr. President...

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