Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Highlights


In an effort to brighten up your holidays we are selecting some of our favorite feel good stories of the year to share. First has to be the story of the homely 47 year old from Scotland, unemployed, who dared to dream and entered the televised show Britain's Got Talent.

Her first performance on the show can be viewed here and it catapulted her into international fame. Though she finished second in the competition, she won the hearts of the world and her recent release of a new album made her the fastest selling female singer in the world.

Her new record also shattered record label perceptions that a single genre of music had to be on an album as Susan included many different types of music. Her video was the most watched on YouTube for the year and equalled the total of the number 2,3and 4 videos combined. Thank you Susan for giving us a reason to smile.

Double click on the YouTube video to enlarge the picture.

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