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Christmas 2009 - The Winter of Discontent in America


The Slumbering Giant is Awakened

Was it just a year ago that a fresh new president had been elected promising a tired and battered America change and hope? No more secret dealings in the White House and Congress. No more partisan politics and pork barrel projects. No more caving in to Wall Street and the financial sector. Our new president was going to listen to Main Street, not Wall Street, not lobbyists and not play backroom politics. In fact our new face of hope was going to bring in fresh faces, new ideas and stop special interests from owning our national agenda.

Well friends, there is a reason 2009 is the winter of discontent. Now we know that Obama was just another politician from a long line of Chicago politicians who sold their souls for power, surrounded themselves with master manipulators, adopted a secret code of omerta far more powerful than anything the mob ever had, and seems to think the American public is going to stand aside while they destroy everything that is important to Americans.

Sound harsh? Then think of this. The American military has always represented what is good, strong and patriotic about America. From George Washington to George Patton our leaders have demanded the best from the military and we have stood alone in defending the world from evil, from terrorism, from human rights violations and from far worse human suffering than we have seen.

For 100 years the world rested easier whenever they heard the American military was coming and when they got there for the most part the world was indeed safer. Only when politics attempted to limit war did we not complete our mission. Then came the past few decades, the legacy of both political parties playing politics with war.

It started with President Johnson in the 1960's, a Democrat, in Vietnam. Then Nixon, a Republican was elected to clean up the mess. Pretty soon Carter, a Democrat got elected to cleanup Nixon's political mess and along came the capture of our American embassy and staff in Iran. Reagan, a Republican cleaned up that mess but Bush 1, a Republican inherited a world in which terrorist actions were now being rewarded and he was forced into playing politics with Iraq and their invasion of Kuwait.

As the dust settled on that skirmish we had now demonstrated beyond doubt that our resolve was fading. So Clinton, a Democrat, wanting to avoid war then played the highly political non-war games financing a defacto war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Oh yes, we financed Osama Bin Laden in a battle against the Soviet empire and in time the terrorists, our terrorists won. With that we had now sanctioned terrorism as a viable war strategy. Unfortunately, the terrorists used us just as we used them as the Islamic radicals had an underlying purpose to all they did. Our ally Israel was always the target of terrorists.

While we helped build up the terrorist fighting machine in Afghanistan they exported it to the Middle East and used it to start attacking our very own assets in the Arab world. Loyalty was never a concern to the terrorists. Before Clinton left office the terrorists were busy working on the first attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor.

Osama Bin Laden's goal was to strike a blow into the heart and soul of America, the core of our financial system, and then to occupy our national consciousness in diversions from the ultimate goal of inciting a world war in the Middle East with Israel as the target. There was never any doubt as to his purpose or resolve had we taken the time to study him.

Whether it was the genius behind the Bin Laden strategy or the lack of morals and ethics on wall Street, Bin Laden knew us better than we ever expected. He seemed to know that greed would drive Wall Street once America was no longer a safe haven. You see, our financial institutions had loyalty only to their own bottom line and America had been the cash cow for bankers since our Revolution.

Very quietly toward the end of the Clinton presidency while America was embroiled in the shenanigans of a wayward president and his impeachment for womanizing, the agents for the financial institutions embedded in the Clinton administration quietly raped the regulatory controls of government to insure a whole new and unregulated line of business could be launched outside the control of government but able to use the government treasury as if it were their own.

All that was needed was a trigger to cut loose the financial greed and that trigger was fear, fear that America, the bastion of world economic commerce, was no longer free from the ravages of war. What better way to destroy confidence in the American economy than to strike a deadly blow to the heart of Wall Street, the World Trade Center.

Bush 2, a Republican followed Clinton and in his first year in office the fruits of the terrorist plan were realized as five of our own commercial planes were used to destroy the greatest symbol of American might the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Bush saw the results of a couple of decades of political wars when the World Trade Center was obliterated from the earth.

In retaliation Bush 2 launched the Afghanistan and Iraq wars against terrorism thus diverting the attention of the American public toward two political wars. At the same time fear hit Wall Street as they were no longer safe here. It seemed as if our financial institutions seemed to decide that America as an unending source of money had a very limited future.

While the world watched our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan the money manipulators launched all those secret devices approved during the Clinton impeachment, unregulated devices like hedge funds, derivatives, swaps and mortgage bundling which flooded the stock market while futures in commodities and oil were moved outside the control of the federal government.

Fear drove the financial suits to use all the secret tools they injected into the system during the Clinton impeachment as a backdoor to raid the Treasury if they could not make money legitimately. Osama was right. One need not destroy a house of cards to bring it down, just pull the right cards from the bottom of the stack. The house will then collapse by itself just as the World Trade Center collapse triggered the raid on the US Treasury by the financial institutions. Make no mistake, when the Clinton team made those secret changes to the federal regulatory laws they knew exactly what they were doing.

For those who think the World Trade Center was an isolated incident you forget the purpose of Bin Laden, to destroy the American economy. By the time Bin Laden had battled us for eight years in the deserts of the Middle East and the financiers had bled the markets dry with the unregulated speculation and unsecured new investment vehicles our military machine and economy were in shambles.

Bin Laden has no loyalty to anyone or any institution. Neither do the financial institutions of Wall Street who used the US Treasury as a petty cash fund and could care less if they bankrupted the nation. In fact they were so bold as to demand a bailout when their economic corruption caught up with them. In the end Wall Street finished the job for Bin Laden.

And along comes Obama, a Democrat, to break the chain of politics as usual. But Obama is already in the back pocket of Wall Street long before he is elected thanks to his right hand Little Napoleon, Rahm Emanuel, the Clinton and Democratic party insider from Wall Street and top fund raiser for the past two decades. Nothing has changed in Washington. Thanks to Little Napoleon Goldman Sachs reigns supreme. There is a serious question as to whether Obama is the president or puppet. There is a more serious question as to whether he can ever be president no matter how much damage Napoleon's White House gang does to him and to America.

Now we have the new Obama strategy in Afghanistan. The only thing new is that he has tied the hands of our military leaders more than any president in history. Imagine if Roosevelt had told his generals they have 18 months to end World War II. That is what the White House concluded after 92 days of thinking. That is about the dumbest reason for delay I have ever heard. Perhaps it is a result of all those years the ivy league boys got deferred from military service and they do not understand the concept of military strategy. About the only White House insider with military experience was Little Napoleon and he was a mechanic in the Israeli army.

Will we ever have a president who is proud of the American military, confident in their ability, and stands back and says to them go kick their butts and let me know what you need. Our nation has 233 years of history to be proud about. For most of that time we were the only nation in the world that defended the world without asking for anything in return. Our military was feared and our resolve was ferocious. It will take more than a toothless president and a politics playing Napoleon in the White House to take that away from us.

If they do not change their ways it will be Napoleon, his puppet and gang who are looking for a new home. What the fools in Washington have done is not destroy the spirit of America but they have awaken the spirit of America, a slumbering giant, and no one can take that love of life and freedom away from us. Clearly it is again time for a change. Only American patriots should be in Washington.


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