Thursday, December 17, 2009

Howard Dean - The only Democratic Patriot for Americans


Howard Dean, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and architect of the Democratic takeover of the White House and Congress, is the only Democrat to stand up and say the Obama health care bill will hurt America for generations to come.

What caused this leading Democrat to throw himself in front of the train in order to avoid a more devastating train wreck of epic proportions is a concern for people and principles.

While Obama used the most ominous words possible to scare the public when he said failing to pass the bill would bankrupt the USA, a wild and reckless claim using the scare tactics of a petulant and immature wannabe leader, Howard Dean stood on a foundation of knowledge, experience and principle.

When Dean uttered the fateful words, "kill the bill" a withering attack was launched by the White House against him, an attack that continued this morning when White House political advisor David Axelrod called MSNBC right after Dean was on TV and again attacked him. Dean is standing his ground on principle saying the bill would be a disaster for the American people.

How can the White House pillory one of their own for speaking the truth? It is the strategy of Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to aggressively annihilate opposition, a strategy that has backfired around the world as Obama has developed a reputation as a paper tiger while collapsing in the polls and credibility.

Howard Dean is a physician, a physician who puts America first even if the Democrats have to suffer as a result. Unlike the partisan hacks who dominate Washington Dean stands alone in defending the people over politics. For that the Obama gang smears him? What is wrong with the people from Chicago?

I have written over and over that Congress and the White House have sold their souls to the Devil in the form of insurance companies (AIG), Wall Street, pharmaceutical conglomerates ,special interests, lobbyists and partisan politics. Thank God someone is trying to protect the people.

Perhaps it has more to do with the fact Dean was a governor, not a member of the elite Washington establishment. Something happens when one gets elected to Washington. Suddenly they get caught up in the lure of money flowing from the way business is done in our nation's capitol. Enough is enough!

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