Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gone With the Wind 70th Anniversary


The first and biggest blockbuster film from Hollywood, Gone with the Wind, opened in Hollywood 70 years ago tonight, December 15, 1939.

The Margaret Mitchell novel starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh was one of many of the top films of all time released in 1939 and we have never experienced such excellence since.

Gone with the Wind won 10 Academy Awards, the most Oscars at the time and a record that stood for a decade.

To this day it has sold more tickets than any film in history and ranks as one of the top five films of all time.

It was memorable for spectacular scenes, glamorous production, exceptional casting and breaking barriers with major Black roles.

If you are like me you long for the era of movies when plots were meaningful, acting was professional and there was no need for sex and skin to draw an audience to the theater.

Oh yeah, ticket, popcorn and soda prices didn't hurt either. Well, at least my grandfather used to tell me that.

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