Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Coltons Point Times Christmas 2009 Message to You


We would like to share with you scenes from our 2009 Christmas snowstorm as we bring the year to a close and look back on the tumulous end of another decade in America. Having survived a lot the last ten years we need to breathe a sigh of relief and thank God we are still here to fight the battles that lie ahead.

From the tragedy of the World Trade Center to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the out of control economy and economic collapse it brought about it was a breathtaking decade with a mosaic of good, bad, historic and tragic interwoven into a nation and a world in turmoil.

Still we survived. George Bush was welcomed into office with the first attack on American soil while Barack Obama closed the decade bringing down one of the last racial barriers being elected president. Oprah rose to number one while Martha Stewart went to jail after being number one.

The Red Sox's broke an 86 year jinx and won the World Series in 2004 while the Yankees, after winning their third straight world series in 2000, waited until the last year of the decade, 2009, to win their 27th World Series Championship.

Tiger Woods was the most prolific golfer in history for a decade before his fall from grace this fall. The Manning brothers won Super Bowls, while Jimmy Johnson became the first NASCAR driver in history to win four straight Sprint Club Championships and then be selected the first NASCAR driver to be named the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year in the 78 year history of the award.

Taylor Swift was the first teenage country singer (she just turned 20) to be named the Associated Press Entertainer of the Year, entertainer in all categories, not just music. So why did AP members voted for Swift? According to AP, Danielle L. Kiracofe, who is the entertainment editor for the military mag, Stars and Stripes and admires the young singer. "In a time of 'made' musicians, she writes her own songs and has her own sparkly style. She's managed to do all of this with grace, class and poise and without uttering a swear word, dancing on a pole or wearing next to nothing. At the age of 20."

We gained a new Queen in the music world Taylor Swift and lost the old King, Michael Jackson. Elvis Presley made more money in 2009, over $55 million, 32 years after his death than he ever made while living. In death Michael Jackson may surpass the beloved King of Rock and Roll. And speaking of mergers, Michael Jackson was once married to Elvis's daughter.

By the end of the decade more people got their news from the internet and news bloggers had a higher credibility rating for delivering quality news. We had the biggest fraud in history, Bernie Madoff, biggest executive bonuses in history, Goldman Sachs, biggest raid on the US Treasury in history, Wall Street and Washington, and biggest losers, politicians, not fat people.

All in all it was another decade in the life of the United States and we are just delighted to survive. We hope you enjoy the beautiful scenes from the snowstorm this week in Coltons Point, the birthplace of religious freedom in America. And we want to leave you with our annual message.

For all people of the world we offer prayers and hope for world peace and wish you happy holidays for (Christian) Christmas, (African) Kwanzaa, (Hispanic) Las Posadad-Noche Buena-Navidad, (Jewish) Hanukkah-Rosh Hashanah, (Persian) Yalda, (Islamic) Eid al-Adha-Muharram, (Buddhist) Rohatsu, (Hindu) Sankranti, (Celtic) Winter Solstice and (Chinese) New Year.


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Phyllis, Las Vegas said...

Loved seeing the pictures of all the snow in Colton's Point. Absolutely beautiful!