Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Liberals Choke on Own Words as Sarah Palin Catches Obama in Polls


For well over a year the liberal media has been trying to complete the destruction of Sarah Palin in the eyes of the public with one of the meanest, most vicious attempts at political assassination ever undertaken in America. In spite of this, Sarah has steadily moved up to a 46% national approval rating while Obama has collapsed from 68% to 46-48% national approval in various polls this week.

It seems every couple of months they believe they have finally put her to rest for good. First it was after the Kate Couric interview, then when her daughter became pregnant, and once more when McCain lost the election. To make sure she was finished they had a bunch of ethics charges brought against her in Alaska even after the election.

Then they smeared her through Levi Johnston, the father of her grandchild. When Palin resigned as governor the media thought she was finally six feet under. But this gun toting mother from the back woods of Alaska has more lives than Felix, Garfield, Sylvester and Morris combined.

Sarah needed money to fight back, or reload as her father described it, and reload she did as her recent book tour once again established her as the pre-eminent people's choice to oppose the liberal or socialist agenda of Barack Obama.

This time, when the media turned on the book, the public sent a message loud and clear to the citadels of elitist journalism by making Sarah the runaway best selling political writer in history with over 1 million book sales the first week and a remarkable climb in the national approval polls.

Today one of the most amazing resurrection acts in centuries was completed when Sarah caught up in the favorable polls with the President of the United States, the poster boy for the extreme liberals, The Chosen One for the elitist media, Barack Obama.

As Obama continues his 22 point collapse in the polls Palin continues her 8 point rise in the polls and waves as she watches him pass by. Every day Palin wipes out more of the memories of the media pasting she took during the campaign, a slaughter that could have been prevented if McCain aides would have come to her rescue and let her lead the defense.

Instead they silenced her, kept her away from the media, and refused to let her appear on national shows except for the highly rated appearance on Saturday Night Live where she was a solid hit. Now Palin does not have a campaign gagging her and fight back she is demonstrating once and for all that she is a viable representative and spokesperson for a huge number of Americans.

Contrary to what the elitist media would have you believe, she is smart on the issues, charming with the press and tuned into the hearts of America. If anyone had a right to run against the media it was Palin but she forgave them. Being a journalism graduate and journalist herself, she knows the importance of being able to reach people through the media.

Sarah embraced the very people who expended every ounce of energy in their being to destroy her career. She appeared on Oprah, with Barbara Walters, and gave numerous interviews to people she had not been allowed to speak with during the campaign. This past weekend she even went into the "belly of the beast" according to the Los Angeles Times and gave a hilarious speech before the Gridiron Club in Washington, DC, the more than century old club of the most influential journalists in America. An op-ed piece by Palin appeared in the Washington Post this week. Even MSNBC has defended her lately.

Slowly but surely, as her poll numbers continue to move up the stories about Palin have become increasingly fair and unbiased. Only an industry insider would understand how to bring about such a radical change in the highly charged political atmosphere that exists. Make no mistake, she is a media pro and with three years to go before the next election, she stands once again as a monumental problem for the Obama gang whose propensity for demeaning, distorting and destroying opponents seems to have backfired with Sarah.

The Chicago thugs seem to have met their match with the gun toting, corruption fighting, people's pick from Alaska who never wavers from her core beliefs of religion, life, liberty, family values and populism, and does not run from the fight of her life, taking on the old boys network and establishment in our nation's capitol and on Wall Street.

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