Wednesday, December 02, 2009

After Thinking for 92 Days Obama at West Point - The Enemy Camp


Leave it to the idjit Democratic liberals to cast dirt on their own president as Chris Matthews of the comrades in arms network MSNBC called our nation's Military Academy at West Point "the enemy camp". As usual when a elitist liberal shoots off at the mouth he got caught and immediately began to backpedal faster than Obama's promise for transparency in government.

One thing the liberals said was right concerning the speech on Afghanistan was it certainly came across dry and clinical, a typical professor speaking down to the students even those he was sending these students off to war and some will not be coming home. If the cadets were grave perhaps it was the subject matter.

Then again, there was none of the motivational lines, uplifting rhetoric, and pride most presidents have demonstrated when addressing his troops. It took at least 92 days for the president to figure out what to say from the time his own general asked for more troops. Over the past three months of indecision his poll numbers crashed from 56% approval to 35% on his handling of the war. As usual he apologized for all the mistakes by America.

Obama then proceeded to give the generals pretty much all they wanted in terms of troops, 30,000 more as fast as possible. Now most red blooded Americans will support the president on the troops because in America patriotism is a way of life and we are getting tired of endless wars. But Obama never claimed we would win. He didn't claim any positive result but merely mumbled about we will see how it goes.

Suddenly the bombshell, obviously meant to appease all the flaming liberals in his White House, as he said we would start withdrawing troops 18 months after the troop build up, and that we would complete our withdrawal before the 2012 presidential elections. It seems a bit much to expect 30,000 more troops will give us victory in just 18 months when it has been over eight years since we started the war.

Obama has to be the first commander in chief in history to predict the end of a war when he just sent more troops to the battleground. To commit might be the second dumbest thing he has done next to thinking he was anointed president in the first place. What did the new policy do to VP Biden's reputation? He was very much opposed to it in White House deliberations. Hillary, on the other hand, approved of it.

Still, anyone with experience knows there is no way we can start leaving 18 months after reaching full force so his words will slip by unnoticed and when the deadline comes and goes it will just be another in the series of failed promises to his rapidly fading liberal base.

Now Afghanistan has given him the opportunity to count the votes on health care and decide it was time to change his priorities. Of course the war in Afghanistan will only dominate the president for a day as he starts a whole new campaign to define a new strategy for joblessness and the floundering economy. I guess taking 92 days to think about Afghanistan pales in comparison to the economy which has been ignored since he passed the ill fated bailouts and stimulus bills at the beginning of his term.

Let's see, Afghanistan yesterday and joblessness tomorrow, does that mean health care is no longer a priority or did he finally decide to blame any failure in health care on Nancy Pelosi whose pork barrel bill gives new meaning to fat cats in our nation's capitol?

The Obama record on foreign policy leaves a lot to be desired. Every day another of his "enlightened" new foreign policies seems to self-destruct. He wanted to sit down with North Korea and Iran and got fireworks he didn't seem to expect. North Korea fired off missiles in defiance of the president while Iran boasts it will build ten more nuclear reactors and create even more powerful enhanced uranium for nuclear weapons.

Israel greeted warnings from Obama to stop building settlements with a ban on settlement construction where it was not happening and ordering 8,000 more homes built in the controversial East Jerusalem settlements. Some ban. Every day Israel is closer to attempting to take out the Iranian reactors with military force which will instantly move the world a step closer to world war.

China scolds us for causing the world economic meltdown, Russia ignores calls to lean on Iran, China ignores calls to lean on North Korea. Europe seems to ignore just about everything he asks of our European allies. Even the global warming cartel led by Al Gore and Goldman Sachs is self-destructing with the release of a pattern of liberal scientists who manipulated and made up numbers to justify the global warming debacle.

Ironically, the White House just announced the president would go to the world conference on global warming on his way to pick up his Nobel Peace prize, hummm, just a few days after expanding the war in Afghanistan. Can't wait to hear his Peace prize acceptance speech.

And then, well, it was disclosed that Obama and his friend Tiger Woods are featured on the cover of Golf Digest under the story ten things Tiger can teach Obama on the same day Tiger admitted to his digressions that hurt his wife and family.

Finally Obama's patron saint Goldman Sachs continues to raid Obama's US Treasury and pay out $23 billion in bonuses and this week it was announced Goldman has forbidden employees to gather in groups of 12 or larger and that Goldman employees are filing for gun permits in NYC to protect themselves from the threats they seem to be receiving for raiding our treasury.

And then there was the crashing at the White House state dinner by socialites who got pictures with Obama and Biden. Is the president safe in his own home? What a week for our commander in chief.

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