Sunday, October 02, 2016

The California Shake and Bake - More than a Quake - Too Much to Take - the Trump and Clinton Wake


The official news media report on the California earthquake warning seems to have upset some people but as with all things in the news, what is the hidden meaning?  In this case, what is the hidden cause and meaning?

Could this have anything to do with the political presidential campaign underway?  Let us face it, this is a campaign for the ages that has finished off the political process, the institutions of America, the news media of America, so why not California and the world?

The Book of Revelations may have the Four Horsemen but we have got Hillary, the Donald, throw in a Wild Billy for good measure, with the Fourth being none other than Barack Obama whose legacy rests in the hands and mouths of the other three.

This is a campaign for the ages so it might as well be heralding the End Times because what will be left when this finally ends, probably nothing of consequence.

So we can hardly fault California for being the starting point for the End of Time and it would only make sense a giant earthquake would swallow up the state being it is the last outpost for liberal purity.

Most fair minded Americans realize there is something dreadfully wrong with this presidential election.  It is bad enough we have to pick the lesser of two evils, but add in the baggage of past presidents and the load is too great to absorb.

So get this for 2016 logic.  We have a Republican president who was defeated by a Democratic governor of Arkansas because of an Independent - and we all know Independents have no status in America.  Then we have the same Republican president who got whipped by the Democratic Arkansas governor now endorsing the wife and former First Lady of the Arkansas governor who whipped him because the Republican now running for president whipped the former Republican president's kid.

Bring on the End Times, it has to make more sense than the present.  Did I mention the former First Lady of the Arkansas governor who whipped the former Republican president that now supports her got whipped by the present Democratic president who has now joined forces with the former Republican president to back the former First Lady who nearly beat him and whose husband whipped the former Republican president.

Please note all members of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Hillary, Donald, Billy, and Barack are all products of the venerable Ivy League that has controlled the presidency for 28 straight years and I am certain this information has something to do with the End Times.

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