Saturday, October 29, 2016

ABC News Washington Post Poll completes Historic Clinton Collapse before FBI thunderbolt - will it now fall off the cliff?


More Weiner Woes as Hillary Clinton caught between Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner sexual antics.

Today ABC announced Clinton's lead now 2%, within margin of error, just five days after the same poll showed a 12% Clinton landslide!

As the liberal media rushes to explain away the stunning FBI reopening of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, the ABC News tracking poll reported this morning, Saturday, Clinton now has a 2% lead over Trump.  Of course this was before the FBI report yesterday afternoon.

Of course, ABC and the Washington Post have no logical explanation for the greatest poll collapse in presidential history as ABC reported a 12 or 13% lead for Clinton just five days ago and this morning reported a 2% lead.  No candidate for president has ever lost a double-digit lead in just five days.

Professional apologists for the network blamed the dramatic collapse on a settling of voters into the Trump column, yet this supposed settling happened before the FBI bombshell hit the news.  Just a few days ago liberal media said the election was over based on the double-digit lead of Clinton, a lead that has now evaporated into thin air.

The Clinton campaign demands the FBI release the newly discovered emails from the Anthony Weiner criminal investigation, after refusing to discuss them for the past year.  Mr. Weiner, a former disgraced Democratic congressman from New York, is married to Huma Abedin, the top aide to Clinton who has been her eyes and ears for 20 years. Is this a desperate move that could backfire, if Weiner's wife kept emails on her husband's computer, only time will tell.

All major tracking polls show the race a dead heat for the first time.  Gone is the news media speculation that there would be a Clinton landslide.  News media like ABC News and the Washington Post have a lot to explain and the next round of polls should show for the first time the real status of the election.

Tactics by the biased news media to attempt to influence the election should be a matter of debate for years to come.


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