Friday, October 07, 2016

The Wrath of Matthew Strikes Down the Meekest of the Meek in Haiti


Hurricane Matthew live: Horror storm kills 842 after battering Haiti and US with 100mph winds ripping through Florida
·         Updated 18:50, 7 Oct 2016
·         By Steve Robson , John Shammas , Jon Dean

The United States is braced as the first Atlantic hurricane to hit since 2007 brings tornadoes and a 12ft storm surge.
More than three million people have been evacuated from Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina as Hurricane Matthew hits.

The biggest storm in a century is set to hit around 26 million people with President Obama declaring a state of emergency and mobilising thousands of National Guard troops.
At least 842 people have already been killed as Matthew swept through Haiti, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.
At least 175 people died in villages clustered among the hills and coast of Haiti’s western tip.
At least three towns reported dozens of fatalities, including the farming village of Chantal, where the mayor said 86 people perished, mostly when trees crushed houses. He said 20 others were missing.
“A tree fell on the house and flattened it, the entire house fell on us. I couldn’t get out,” said driver Jean-Pierre, 27, who had been married for only a year.
“People came to lift the rubble, and then we saw my wife who had died in the same spot,” Jean-Donald said, his young daughter by his side, crying “Mommy.”

US Navy heads to Haiti
The USS Mesa Verde, a US Navy amphibious transport dock ship, is steaming toward Haiti to support relief efforts after Hurricane Matthew killed more than 500 people and left thousands homeless in the Caribbean country.
A Navy spokesman said the ship would bring a large set of capabilities, including three CH-53 heavy lift helicopters, bulldozers and fresh water delivery vehicles.
The ship can produce 72,000 gallons of fresh potable water per day and is stocked with pallets of food, medicine, baby formula, diapers, first aid supplies and other key items.
The ship has a surgical team which can work out of two operating rooms on board.

Death toll rises to 842
The death toll has now risen to 842, according to reports.
It is reported that the deaths count the lives lost in Haiti and the United States.
President Obama has signed a state of emergency for Georgia, Florida and South Carolina mobilising thousands of National Guard troops as the storm hits the Florida coastline.

Oil and gasoline terminals shut
Most oil and gasoline terminals along the south eastern coast in the United States have been shut as a result of Hurricane Matthew.
Those terminals will be key for bringing fuel to retail gasoline stations shuttered by the storm once the hurricane passes.
Gasoline distributors across Florida are scrambling to supply crews working to restore power to areas hit by the hurricane.

'This is still a really dangerous hurricane'
Here’s more from Obama as he addressed reporters earlier today...

I just want to emphasise to everybody that this is still a really dangerous hurricane, that the potential for storm surge, loss of life and severe property damage exists and people continue to need to follow the instructions of their local officials over the next 24, 48, 72 hours.

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