Saturday, October 08, 2016

Are You Ready for Election Day and the End of the Dark Side of the American Soul?


This inexplicable presidential campaign will end in less than thirty days and become one for the history books.  Think about that.

History is nothing but content interpreted by people - people with an agenda.  In order to understand history you must first know the motive, intent, or bias of the author.

What has overwhelmed the news media for the past two years, the presidential race to succeed Barack Obama and his presidency, has its consequences.

Perhaps half of the voter-eligible public pays little or no attention to the news media and the same might be said about what happens within the beltway in Washington, DC, our capital.

The other half following the campaign, have created an atmosphere of polarization, mistrust, bias, or even hatred, so extreme, the wounds may be far too deep to heal.  At times, it feels as if we are in the last years of an empire, like the Roman Empire.

History says most empires that fail or fall, will find the end preceded by a period of the breakdown of institutions, the loss of morality and ethics, and a period where greed, lust, and power superseded love, compassion, and truth.

It is a time when people become complacent, leaving the future of the world in the hands of others to fret over.  They pay no attention to the news media because people know they do not tell the truth.  People become self-absorbed while ignoring the world outside their private domain.

When such darkness overshadows the empire, what do the good people do to stop it?  Do they take to the streets to protest the dark forces?  No, back in the Roman days they went to the Colosseum to watch the lions murder the innocent Christians and others - and they cheered!

Today, in our darkest hours, when we have the responsibility to create the history about these times, what will we do?

Make no mistake, whether you are involved or complacent in this election, you are responsible for the outcome.  Well, make that you and Yale University, that venerable Ivy League institution.  A Yale University graduate has been president for twenty of the past twenty-eight years.  The only other president was Obama from Harvard.

If Hillary wins, Yale wins again.  Trump, to the astonishment of many, is also Ivy League but from the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce of Pennsylvania University.

If you do not register to vote, apathy wins.  If you vote third party you help Trump.  If you vote Clinton, you are satisfied with establishment control.  As for Trump, well vote for him and you show disgust with the whole establishment, bureaucracy thing.

Should either candidate be as bad as the people seem to think, the empire then comes to an end.

You are living a moment in history certain to be part of future History books about the worst of times in America.  When you read them a few decades from now, you, and only you, will know the truth.


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