Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton collapsing in polls as Liberal Media hit panic button - Oops, maybe the election is not over yet! Her House of Cards comes down!


News Media Scrambles to explain away Hillary collapse in Polls - ABC caught in Middle with faulty sampling data 

The Washington Post ABC News tracking poll shows Hillary Clinton collapse from a twelve-point lead to six points in just three days.  This astonishing collapse in her lead does not even reflect the devastating news about the Obamacare financial fiasco, or the never-ending stream of damaging emails released by Wiki Leaks, which detail how the Clinton organization made a non-profit foundation into a multi-million dollar slush fund for the family.

The tracking poll, under ABC news anchor and political director George Stephanopoulos, deviated from three other tracking polls by twelve points just three days ago when all the liberal news networks declared the race was over and Hillary was the winner.

Stephanopoulos, you might remember, is a former United States Democratic Party political adviser who served as a Communications Director for the Bill Clinton 1992 Presidential Campaign and worked for President Clinton with Rahm Emanuel, Clinton fundraiser and Obama Chief of Staff.  George subsequently became Clinton's White House Communications Director, then Senior Adviser for Policy and Strategy before departing in December 1996.

Did I mention George Stephanopoulos also contributed several thousand dollars to the Clinton Foundation, after he joined ABC News, which seems to be a conflict of interest for a news anchor of a major television network?

The Hillary Clinton campaign adopted the news media strategy of saying the presidential race is over, thus allowing Clinton to reduce the number of campaign events, to attend a concert by British pop singer Adele, and redirect her efforts to getting house and senate candidates elected.  Over-confidence by the nominee seemed to be dominate in the past few weeks.

What in the world, is a British endorsement going to do in the American presidential campaign?  Last time a politician tried to influence an election in another country, like when President Obama went to the United Kingdom and told the voters to vote against withdrawing from the European Union or there would be a world economic collapse, the British voters ignored him and voted to leave the EU, and there has been no economic collapse.

Now Hillary attends a concert of Adele, gets an endorsement, and considers it a campaign event.  About the only contribution Adele can make to the American election is to remind Hillary how to handle being sick and cancelling concert appearances, which she does often.

As for the polls, when word leaked out that the polls were purposefully over-sampling Democrats, not even the Washington Post could stand the heat.  Three days ago, the poll reflected a nine percent over-sample; today the same poll reduced the Democrat over-sample to seven percent.  There was no mention of this poll manipulation in reports today of the huge collapse in Clinton support by ABC or George.

The ABC poll remains six to seven points different from all three other tracking polls due to the continued over-sample of Democrats.  In truth, there is a dead heat in the race and it is far too close to call, very different from the networks and newspapers claiming last week, the race was over, and projecting a Hillary landslide.

So does this constitute "rigging" the election as Trump claimed?  The voters will be the judge on Election Day.  Enjoy the next week of liberal national media types choking over the real status and all of a sudden trying to explain Trump might have a shot after all.

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