Friday, October 21, 2016

What happens to Liberal Media if Trump Wins? Will Media Bias Backfire?


If we awake on November 9 to news that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States, where does that leave the most biased media in the history of American political campaigns?

This was the year for coming out of the closet by the media, not in terms of sexual preference, but in terms of ideology and tactics.

It took a long time for them to wake up to the Hillary Clinton vulnerabilities as there was never a doubt in the minds of the main street media that she would continue the cozy sweetheart relationship between the media and the liberal and progressive politicians.

As President Barack Obama comes to the twilight of his run as president, the media expected to transition into a Hillary presidency surrounded by all the people in the Establishment from past years.

The possibility that Trump could be a viable candidate for president never crossed the minds of the media when they helped create the Trump tidal wave that swept all the legitimate (in the minds of the media) GOP contenders from the race

They dreamed of a match up between the vaunted and feared Clinton machine that has controlled the news media and Democratic Party for twenty-four years and the oddball from Trump Tower, the Donald.

Well they got it and no one has learned the lesson better than the news media, be very careful what you wish for because you may not get what you expect.

In a state of panic since the Democratic National Convention that nominated Hillary as she failed to crush the GOP upstart and put Trump away, they seem paralyzed with fear she really might lose.

If it happens, the transformation in the news media in a Trump administration may be just as cataclysmic as the fading legacy of Obama when Trump focuses the light on the real failures of the Obama administration while president.

Many media personalities crossed the line in journalistic ethics by using their media positions to promote Hillary and destroy Trump.

Bias has dominated the media coverage of the campaign and the role of individual anchors, reporters, producers, and editors made a mockery of the journalistic ethics that call for an independent and objective media when operating under the protection of the Constitution.

There is a definite liberal progressive dominance in the news media, very inconsistent with the middle of the road philosophy the people of America share.  The Obama politics of partisanship, promises, and pandering fell flat though he was the first media-anointed candidate for president.

Unfortunately, for the liberal media, Bill and Hillary Clinton long ago figured out how to use the news media, Democrats, and liberal progressive wing to make a fortune.  Long ago, they joined the one-half of one percent elite establishment controlling the country and world.

That is the face of the darlings of the news media.  That is not what the American public wants to see and hear.  So if Trump wins, what happens to the news media?

Will Trump abolish the White House Press Corp, as unlike the Clinton and Obama families who mastered the use of political power to manipulate the media, Trump neither drinks nor likes to hang out with media?

Will the new Trump administration conclude self-serving news networks no longer serve the best interests of the public because they filter news, not report it.  As a result, the members of the Trump administration will no longer participate in news shows not serving the public interest no matter if they are on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, etc.

Will Trump welcome the foreign press correspondents to briefings instead of the political press in order to get honest information to foreign countries highlighting American involvement in world affairs?

Perhaps Trump will institute an entirely new concept in news coverage of the White House by having regional news conferences instead of national to avoid the control and filtering of the New York and Washington, DC media over national news.

Trump could also eliminate public information offices in all the departments, especially State, Justice, and Defense, and consolidate the communications under the Office of the President thus greatly reducing the leaking of classified or confidential information by the highly competitive departments.  It would also eliminate the use and abuse by media of secret or anonymous sources "inside" the departments.

As I said, I hope the media knows what could happen, if the efforts to create a media bias against Trump or any other opponent to Hillary Clinton fail.  There are consequences.

A genie jumped out of a bottle and asked the master for his wish.

I wish there was no more sickness in the world.

Your Thoughtful wish is granted master.

Every sick person in the world dropped dead.

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