Thursday, April 03, 2014

Barack Obama - Great Expectations - Dickens and the Left


Looking back at the nearly six years since Barack Obama stunned the world and was elected the first Black president in American history, it is not hard to see how he was more suited as a cast  member of the movie Great Expectations than the reality of leading a nation full of Great Expectations.

Whereas Charles Dickens' 13th novel, Great Expectations, was the story of a young lad coming of age, so was Obama's election that of a young lad coming of age.  Dickens' Great Expectations is a graphic book, full of extreme imagery, poverty, prison ships, "the hulks," barriers and chains, and fights to the death.

I see the same kind of extreme imagery in Obama's journey through the presidency.  Surrounded by powerful bankers and other insidious scoundrels and dependent on a host of close advisors and friends whose principal purpose was the exercise of self-serving greed, experience proved a very tough lesson for Dickens' Pip and America's Obama.

"Welcome to the presidency Barack," came the deafening roar of the liberal left and socialist lefter with every special interest group East of Eden clamoring for a piece of the fat cat Wall Street 1% of the wealth in America.

His embedded constituency never believed in Obama's message of HOPE plastered everywhere during the campaign.  They had no intention of "hoping" for anything, all along they were prepared to take what they wanted from whomever they wanted.

That might work in the smoke filled rooms of a long forgotten political yesteryear but this is not yesteryear, the public soon found out that those rascal fat cats could be disguised as either Republicans or Democrats with the results being much the same.

Well into his 7th year as president Obama still has no meaningful tax reform to keep the rich from getting richer and the poor poorer.  There is no immigration reform, no massive defense spending cuts so we could finance Obama's big government social agenda.

Health care and education in America are the world's most expensive disasters as the more money we throw at the problems the more entrenched the crooks and vast the crannies where billions of dollars just seem to disappear.

We almost have wound down war to the point where we have the worlds most powerful and angry fighting force and no war to go play in.  Powerful because the military industrial complex that really rules the world has had a siphon sucking our defense billions into their R&D, new and useless weapons systems, and war after war.

Obama was greeted into the presidency by the worst recession since the last time Wall Street was caught with their fingers in Uncle Sugars' federal cookie jar, the Great Depression.

In 2008 it was home mortgage fraud on a scale beyond imagination.

It was securities fraud and deception enabling crooks to control the stock markets.

It was bankrupt union and government pension programs because of incredible extravagance.

When the bankers, home mortgage financiers, powerful labor unions, Wall Street securities experts and of course the politicians and bureaucrats all share in the illegal wealth being generated well, is it any wonder why the rich get richer and the poor get screwed?

Of course the Main Street media, that Constitutionally protected force in America that went from reporting the news to manufacturing the news in order to serve their own special interests, jumped on the Obama bandwagon either because they saw him as the Messiah of a New Social Order or they were ordered to by their advertisers.

So let us review history.

 Obama #44 was greeted into the presidency by an economic disaster.

Bush #43 was welcomed into the presidency by the 911 Twin Towers catastrophe.

Clinton #42 was welcomed into the presidency by a bunch of young girl friends.

Bush, Sr. #41 was welcomed into the presidency by Desert Storm.

Reagan #40 was welcomed into the presidency by the Iran hostage crisis and the economic crisis.

Carter #39, was welcomed into the presidency by the Watergate scandal aftermath and public skepticism.

Ford #38 was welcomed into the presidency when the prior president disappeared on a helicopter. 

Nixon #37 was welcomed into the presidency with the Viet Nam war raging out of control.

Johnson #36 was welcomed into the presidency when his predecessor was assassinated.

Kennedy #35 was welcomed into the presidency by the Cuban missile crisis and Berlin Wall.

Eisenhower #34 was welcomed into the presidency with the Korean War.

Truman #33 was welcomed into the presidency with the atomic bombs dropping on Japan.

Roosevelt #32 was welcomed into the presidency with the Great Depression.

Hoover #31 was welcomed into the presidency with the 1929 Wall Street collapse.

Wait a minute, do you mean the last 14 presidents have all faced foreboding events in national and world affairs before or very early into their presidency?  Why on Earth didn't the Main Street media tells us about our history instead only focusing on Obama?

Every single one of the last 14 presidents with the exception of Clinton whose problems were kept pretty much undercover faced huge problems when taking office.

So maybe Obama didn't have it all that bad.  Maybe the Democratic leaders just need to stop whining about all their problems and roadblocks and roll up their sleeves and get to work.

There are still some issues of such importance to our future and magnitude to our present that if Obama and his enemy, the Republicans, could work together they still might leave a legacy of never losing sight that they are first and foremost Americans.

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