Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Who reads the Coltons Point Times?


Every few months I take time to review the readership stats of the CPT to try and learn who is interested in our reporting.  Of course the most glaring stat may be who is not reading it.

No residents of Coltons Point read the Coltons Point Times.  What does that tell me about having found a home?  This village has been settled for 380 years, the oldest chartered community to be continuously occupied in the original thirteen colonies.

There are actually families here today that date back to the boat people.  If you want some fascinating history check out the articles highlighted at the end of this story.

Basically no one from Southern Maryland reads the Coltons Point Times even though there is some degree of evidence that people reside in this area with the ability to read and even a casual interest in what happens outside this area.

Be that as it may, even the State of Maryland has always been far down the list of readers by state usually showing up in the bottom 25 states.  New York, California, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, Ohio and Virginia have always dominated the USA readers.

But the real story to me is that citizens of the United States only represent 48% of my readers, meaning the rest of the world is more interested in what is happening in America, at least from my perspective, than Americans.

Over the past couple of months Germany at 26% has remained a strong second.  Canada continues at #3 with 6% but the most surprising new member of the top ten is China at #4, with the combined China and Hong Kong readers over 5%.  Rounding out the top ten are Poland and France at 4% each, Sweden 3%, Ukraine 2%, United Kingdom and Iraq at 2%.

Depending on the hot topics of the week other counties like Russia, Brazil, Romania, Ireland, Australia, India and the Netherlands have popped in and out of the top ten.  I urge all of you to encourage people to check out the Coltons Point Times and especially those people in China as I will be doing a series of articles on the Chinese history, culture and future in the near future.

Of course what happens in America continues to be the main draw of readers and the international dominance of readers indicates how the events in America can influence the rest of the world.  I thank you for wanting to be informed and ask you to please tell others about us.

As we celebrate our 8th anniversary publishing the Coltons Point Times we are proud to remain the only news service on the Internet with no advertising allowed.

St. Clements Island Maryland Colonial History - The Rest of the Story

Maryland and the nation owe a great deal to the brave colonists who ventured across the Atlantic in 1633 and landed on St. Clements Island in early 1634. St. Clements Manor, established within a couple of years, remains the oldest continually settled chartered community in colonial America.

The following series of articles gives the latest research and solves the enduring mysteries about the colonial days in England and Southern Maryland giving a fascinating glimpse into the lives and politics of the colonial era.


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