Wednesday, April 02, 2014

ObamaCare hits milestone - or does it?


By the end of March the Obamacare website had registered 7.1 million people, which was the initial goal of the roll out.  However, in order to be successful there has to be a minimum number of  young people to achieve actuarial solvency, the new members cannot be on Medicare or Medicaid since they were already eligible for existing programs, and we have to get the 48.6 million Americans with no health insurance (Census Bureau est. 2009) put on insurance.

So early estimates are that the youth factor failed to reach the Obama goals, meaning, if true, next year the rate base will have to be readjusted by potentially substantial health insurance premium rate increases for everyone.

It seems new members for Medicare and Medicaid would be easy to report so the only reason for not telling us the total new members in those entitlement programs, which the Administration and Lame Street media failed to do, then the real numbers must make the program look bad.

In light of the possibility of the previously discussed adjustments, it is not unreasonable to assume maybe 3-5 million of the 7.1 million need to be accounted for which brings up the next adjustment.  How many enrollees were people who lost their health insurance when ObamaCare was implemented and were buying replacement policies?

Finally we get to the people expected by the Obama Administration to benefit the most, the 48.6 million uninsured Americans.  How many of the 7.1 million enrollees came from the group the bill was passed to serve?

If we deduct the Baby Boomer enrollees sent to Medicare and Medicaid, say 2 million but it could be a lot more, then deduct those who lost their insurance because of ObamaCare, we might have 2-3 million who actually did not have insurance and do now.  Of course that assumes all the new enrollees also paid for their new insurance.

So perhaps if all went well we now have 2-3 million people insured who were not insured before.

To listen to the Main Street media react to the news you might think reaching 7.1 million enrollees was the greatest event in the history of our fledgling nation.  Greater than almost anything else because it vindicated President Obama and his socialist ways.

Of course they didn't release any numbers, which they do have, which seems pretty strange if the numbers do what he said they do.

Think about it.

Obama and the Democrat politicians pass ObamaCare with NO Republican support.

ObamaCare is to extend health insurance to 48.6 million uninsured.

After spending around a billion dollars to launch the new program, about the cost of one Obama political campaign, maybe 3 million uninsured are now insured.

I think that means after three years and billions of dollars we have lowered the number of  uninsured by one half of one percent.  At this pace we might eliminate the uninsured by the year 2114.

Of course how many more uninsured are there since over 10 million American workers still can't find jobs and have given up looking?  There could be millions of more uninsured since Obama took office which means we might have lost ground thus extending my projected solution date for eliminating the uninsured to closer to 2500.

In basketball terms, which the Administration surely understands, not only are we not scoring points, but we are making shots in the other team's basket giving them the points.

Progressive socialism is most certainly a peculiar concept.


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