Thursday, April 10, 2014

Obama again for Women's Rights while AG Holder whines


Okay, so the American public is really stupid like the White House seems to think.  Like we don't remember the very first bill Obama signed into law when he was elected and the Democrats could do anything they wanted because they controlled the House and Senate.

On January 29, 2009 Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 to much fanfare, and the Obama White House declared:

"President Obama actively supported the bill.  President Obama has long championed this bill and Lilly Ledbetter's cause, and by signing it into law, he will insure that women like Ms. Ledbetter and other victims of pay discrimination can effectively challenge unequal pay."

That was only five years ago.  Today Obama has launched yet another partisan war against that most heinous of villains, those dastardly Republicans in Congress who stand in the way of the Democrats' Equal Pay Fairness Act of 2014.

Wait, isn't that the same problem he already solved with the much heralded Lilly Ledbetter Act back when he began?  Didn't he and his Democrat mouthpieces say THAT act of Congress would solve the fair pay problem?

Here we go again..

What Obama, the Democrats and the Main Street media failed to tell the public was his original solution was a joke in terms of helping women but a great payback by Obama for the millions of dollars of campaign contributions he got from the powerful Trial Lawyers Association and trial lawyers.

Every analysis done of his "signature" Lilly act by good guys (Democrats and Main Street media) and bad guys (Republicans and the business community) say his act was nothing more than a trial lawyer payout and did more to assist lawyers in collecting more fees than to promote equal pay for women in the workplace.

Women seem to be a tool of political expediency for this Administration to be used and confused by mixed signals, empty promises and demagoguery of the most sinuous nature.  Perhaps that is a reason Hillary Clinton seems to be putting more and more distance between herself and her former boss Obama.  And former President Bill Clinton is making more and more obvious references to the failures of the Obama Administration to accomplish anything.

So Obama has three public spokeswomen, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator Barbara Mikulski, all part of the partisan Washington establishment with years of game playing experience and all part of the wonderful solution to women's pay equality they passed five years ago.

If they screwed it up last time and simply paid off the trial lawyers what in the world gives us confidence they will get it right this time?  Besides, they had their chance when they absolutely controlled Congress with Pelosi and Harry Reid in charge, do we really want to go back to that kind of leadership again.  Where is Hillary?

Attorney General Eric Holder

Now we come to the AG whining about the hidden agenda of racism that is causing him as the chief law enforcement officer in America and Obama as the first Black president to be victims to some nefarious secret plot.  In fact, the "attorney general", he said, talking in the third person as if he wasn't even in the room, is subject to the worst harassment by congress in history and it was even worse for Obama as our first minority president.

This came up because Holder was called to congress to deliver documents on the Obama Fast and Furious operations where guns confiscated by the government were sold to drug dealers from Mexico and used to kill American federal agents.  He again refused to turn over all the documents requested in the congressional investigation.

Then he gives a speech and attacks the way he was treated by congress.  When one of the top government officials has absolutely no sense of history and turns to race baiting to keep the media attention off his own failure to turn over documents to congress then something is very wrong with this Administration.

I could rattle off a list of former attorney generals who were persecuted by congress and it made no difference whether they were Black, Hispanic, White, Democrat or Republican.  The AG is the front man for the president and he better be capable of taking criticism for the boss and for the cover ups that take place.

As for the president being a target of racism, even the most beloved president in our history and the one who took the courageous action to fight a civil war in order to free the slaves, an act that made it possible for Obama to one day be president, Abraham Lincoln from Obama's own state of Illinois, was the victim of far more sinister and shameful racist attacks and eventually paid his life for his convictions.  Ironically Lincoln was accused of being part Negro by the rabid racists of that day.

Come on Eric, don't put yourself and the president above everyone who ever held the offices if you can't take the heat.  Just get out.

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