Thursday, April 17, 2014

Obama should appoint Sarah Palin Secretary of State - The Ivy League has done enough & Putin would like her!


By now it should be getting obvious that President Putin of Russia has no love for the Ivy League Secretaries of State Obama has appointed to keep him under control.  I mean did Obama really think Hillary Clinton or John Kerry could intimidate the Russian Bear?

So Yale has now had their chance at Secretary of State with both Hillary and Kerry graduates just like Harvard and Yale will have had their run on the presidency for 28 straight years when Obama finally leaves office.

As much as I like the Ivy League perhaps someone else should have a chance to run things both as secretary of state and as president.  At least for a few years everything that goes wrong could not be rightfully blamed on the Ivy League.

Sarah, now she might just be the only American capable of standing up to the macho man from Russia.  At best Kerry was good at sailing and Putin would consider that a sissy sport.  Hillary does not seem like the athletic type with a cheeseburger for a hubby so she could never get respect.

But Sarah, she just sits up there in Alaska watching Putin across the water and few are tougher than our own Momma Grizzly.  She hunts with real guns, catches fish in the ocean, has weathered blizzards on dog sleds, flies planes into the Alaska mountains and picks her teeth with liberals.

She could hold her own arm wrestling and when it comes to heavy artillery, look out Comrade.  Palin thinks a recreational vehicle is an army tank.  Back in high school and college she was a super star jock.

I think it might just be the future of international relations and negotiations, where the winner is whoever can down the most shots of vodka or tequila depending on who wins the coin toss.

Putin also knows Palin was the only politician in 2008 to demand we "drill baby drill" so we could become energy independent, something Putin really knows as well.


My money is on Sarah because "there's something about Sarah" that could tip the balance in foreign relations in our favor for the first time in many, many years.


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