Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Ted Cruz melts down during Indiana presidential primary


For weeks presidential candidate Ted Cruz has been demanding everyone else get out of his way so he could go face-to-face against Donald Trump, the presumptive favorite in the Republican presidential primary.

Last week he got his way when he and John Kasich, the other nearly invisible GOP candidate for president made a secret agreement to campaign in different states to stop Donald from getting the nomination.  Cruz, though over two million votes and five hundred delegates behind Trump, and having no chance to win the election based on the voting of people, created a viable strategy to win in spite of the Trump landslide.

He made a deal with the stalwarts of the Republican establishment, at least the radical right wing elements, and a formal Dump Trump, Stop Trump, Anyone but Trump movement was launched.  During the campaign to date about 55,000 television commercials were broadcast attacking Trump.

Leaders of the radical right who believe the best government is no government including Glenn Beck, Bill Kristol, George Will and others took on the job of doing what they believed the American public was too stupid to do, to defeat Trump.

So while Trump was running up the highest vote totals in Republican party history, while powering his way to the presidential nomination, millions of dollars were being spent to stop him by people from his own political party.  Such is the mess the establishment has made of Washington in this day and age.

Needless to say, they blew it first by picking a more radical right-winger, Ted Cruz, as the people's choice. Then by expecting GOP leaders to support a candidate in Cruz they all could not stand.  In fact former Speaker of the House John Boehner referred to Cruz as Lucifer.

The past few days have been a comedy of errors for the Cruz machine and it came to a head just before noon on election day, today, when Cruz held an unexpected press conference and literally melted down while unloading a vicious, rambling, preacheresque diatribe against the guy who will be the nominee for president.

Instead of the White House Cruz may well be headed for the straight jacket.  Just watch the news to learn more of the latest freakish turn in the reality show, the 2016 Presidential Campaign.  Real television has no chance of matching the drama of the campaign.

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