Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Obamaville May 24 - The Election - Trump's Greatest Reality Show - America's Greatest Test


In one corner - The most experienced candidate ever to run for President Hillary Clinton

In the other corner - The most outrageous inexperienced candidate ever to run for President Donald Trump

For those of you who take the 2016 presidential campaign so seriously that you are blinded by hate, overwhelmed by fear, and terrified by the thought of losing, well, I really do not know the antidote to help you make it through the long, dark night.

Had President Obama been successful in legalizing marijuana perhaps there might have been a joint strong enough to help but such was not the case.  You might consider an extended vacation in Colorado where you could remain on a Rocky Mountain high until after November.  Then again, you might consider securing an option on a nice home in Nova Scotia to settle in if you lose.

How long ago it seems this campaign for the ages started with a line up of highly qualified Republicans in the shape of governors, senators, former senate candidates, males, and a female, quite an all-star line up.  Many thought it was the best and most qualified field of candidates ever assembled. Of course, the GOP had two former presidents ready to come to the aid of the heir-apparent of the GOP dynasty, the Bush family.

On the Democratic side was the pre-emptive favorite to win it all, a former White House First Lady, senator, secretary of state, and career politician who just happened to also be a multi-millionaire.  Waiting in the wings was another former popular president known for his wit and charisma who expected to whisk his wife back into the White House, Bill Clinton.

The Democratic field was "fixed" for Hillary but the Republican field was expected to be a blood bath between the conservatives, the more conservatives, the radical right-wing conservatives, and those who wore both suspenders and belts, along with a quiet little voice from a libertarian in the wilderness named Rand Paul for diversity.

The odds on favorites to square off in the fall election were Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, the legacy candidates with the blue blood and access to a couple of billion dollars for the campaign.

Then someone opened the gates of Hell, most likely an innocent bureaucrat who was tired and pulled the wrong lever.

The Outcasts Emerge

One should expect the unexpected when two certain losers in the eyes of the news media and politicians materialize on the scene.  One was wrapped in gold and stepped out of an escalator from heaven while the other suddenly appeared through a fog of socialism and appeared older than Moses.

The news media laughed and immediately condemned them to the scrap heap of presidential trivia mocking their intent and ridiculing their credentials.

I mean, Trump, the Republican candidate, never ran for political office before.  Fact is he was a Democrat before he filed and a long time contributor to left wing causes including previous campaigns of Hillary Clinton.

His claim to fame, he build VERY big buildings and was more or less a billionaire.  Most knew him as a reality talk show host who gave bombastic a new definition, knew almost nothing about what a president does, and considers his best advisor to be the person facing him in the mirror.

On the Democratic side came a candidate who was not even a Democrat but a registered Independent riding his own wave of socialism for the masses, and standing for about everything America hated.  A socialist might be a Stalin, Hitler, Castro, or some figment of our imagination but not a real person in the citadel of Democracy.

We had a history of destroying socialism in wars and elections since 1776.  As if not being a Democrat and being a rabid socialist were not enough to get the Democratic nomination, add to that the fact Bernie Sanders was also as old as Moses and Jewish to boot.  If elected, he would be the oldest person ever elected to the presidency.

America prides itself in being modern and the last three presidents were all part of the Baby Boomer generation, meaning they were born after the Great War.  We think young and spend a fortune trying to act young so the prospects for someone old enough to be our grandfather, well not quite, winning the election was outrageous.  Our national slogan seemed to be "Young is fun and old sucks."

Enter the time machine and come to the present.

The pre-emptive president Hillary Clinton is coming upon the last primary elections of the presidential year and lo and behold, pesky old Bernie Sanders is still around drawing tens of thousands of young people disenfranchised by Hillary to campaign rallies and causing a rather significant number of worry lines in the already battle tested face of Clinton.

As for the Republican challenger to the Clinton machine, perhaps even more remarkable than Bernie, is the brash and brazen golden boy from Queens who virtually destroyed the entire field of highly qualified Republicans on the way to the nomination.

The impact of Bernie Sanders on the election is rather historic while the impact of Trump on the election just might be cataclysmic.

You see, Bernie was a conventional politician, even a sitting Senator, an indentured member of The Establishment, who used the system to poke holes in the Clinton mystic.  I suspect because he was from Vermont, and the first socialist mayor of a big town, few people ever heard of him.

Trump, well he had other ideas on how to win.  Having never run for office before, he had no loyalty to conventional rules, experience, or consultants.  In fact, he had no clue what they might be.

What he did have was a sixth sense of the mood of the public and he tapped right into a sense of frustration and disgust with the political establishment and the news media establishment by the people.  Whether by design or accident, he knew people were not interested in experience or flowing promises and policy platforms.

People were mad as Hell, and there was no better person to lead them in their anger and frustration than Donald Trump, the outsider from politics, the man who got things done.  He may not have the answers, he may twist facts and exaggerate, but they could count on him to fight for the little people against the ironclad political establishment running and wrecking our nation.

The result, the election rules, and decorum went out the window along with every rule of survival in politics.  Even our vaunted fourth estate, the press, was steamrolled by Trump because of his free wheeling style and most unusual approach.

Bernie calls for a revolution, Trump already shoved it down the throats of The Establishment, and we have not even reached the conventions to nominate the party candidates.

Nearly a month before the end of the primary elections and two months before the convention Trump finished demolishing the entire sixteen-person field running against him.

Already he has turned his machine gun barrage of charges against Hillary and at times it has resembled the Valentine's Day massacre in Chicago.

No one has a clue as to what will happen the last six months until the election.  Trump has already surged into a tie with Hillary.  Leaders of foreign nations have condemned Trump, and still he climbs in the polls.

America is in for one of the most entertaining presidential campaigns in history as Donald Trump finally gets his wish, to be part of the greatest reality show in history.  If he wins, he most likely faces even bigger hurdles winning over the people and then the leaders of the world.

Nothing will ever be the same in politics and maybe not even in life, as we know it.  Some people have long held the belief that people grow into the responsibilities of the presidency.  Students of history can point to many examples and even our most recent president, Barack Obama, has overcome many issues with inexperience to grow into the job.

The survivor of this raucous campaign, whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, face many challenges if elected president, and will most certainly be tested by our friends and enemies around the world.  Healing America after the election will be the greatest challenge.  For our part, we must help America heal.


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