Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Is Donald Trump secretly vetting David Petraeus as secret weapon against the establishment and Hillary?


Former Military Hero and CIA Director could alter presidential election

One of our most highly decorated military leaders and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency is rumored to be under consideration for vice president by the Trump organization because of his unique standing as a stellar four-star general with a 37 year career in the military followed by a stint as head of the CIA.

Both President George Bush and President Barack Obama appointed Petraeus to top positions showing his support from both political parties.  He resigned as CIA director in 2012 when he acknowledged an extra martial affair and mishandling classified information with his biographer.

Eventually Patraeus pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information.

Ironically, his mishandling of a few classified documents by sharing them with his biographer who was writing a book about him was the extent of his indiscretion, yet it cost him a lifelong career of exemplary service to the nation.

At the same time, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton exposed tens of thousands of emails including numerous that contained classified and top-secret information by using a private email server in her house, documents that could have been hacked by enemies of America.  Her case is under active investigation by the FBI and has been for several years.

Should the rumors be confirmed Patraeus could bring tremendous credibility to the candidacy of Donald Trump, who is closing in on a stunning campaign to secure the Republican nomination for president and is facing a general election against Hillary Clinton.

Many intellectual elite from the national security, military, foreign affairs, and conservative wings of the Washington and news media establishment have panned Trump for his lack of credentials in these critical areas.  A running mate like Petraeus would go far in silencing the critics and enhancing Trump's status.


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