Monday, May 09, 2016

Where are Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton when you need them? Extreme Radical Right Conservatives reject Trump and Republican Party


Threaten Independent candidate for Extremist Agenda

If only the good old days were here, you would find the Extreme Radical Right Wing Conservatives challenging a presidential candidate to a duel and there would be a 50-50 chance they would lose.

Of course back then it was the bad boy Burr who challenged Hamilton, a rising star in national politics, when Burr was Vice President and Hamilton was about to end Burr's political career.  Since dueling was illegal at the time, they moved it from New York to New Jersey where law enforcement has an entirely different meaning.

Hamilton deliberately missed Burr with his first shot, as Burr was up for re-election, because Hamilton already lost a son several years earlier in a duel and he did not want to shoot a sitting vice president.  It was a nice gesture but did not work out so well in the end because Burr thought otherwise and killed Hamilton.

Once Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination this past week, the first thing that happened was the self-proclaimed elite of the GOP establishment, those neocons who dominate the radio and television airwaves and control all the magazines and online super-conservative press, showed their true colors and it was not a pretty sight.

Convinced the American public is stupid and not capable of selecting a president, while ignoring the fact Trump is well on his way to shattering the record for most votes in a Republican primary campaign in history, they pouted, cried foul, and declared the radical right wing conservative philosophy was far more important than the Republican Party.

Are you kidding me?  This was the perfect example of ego, elitism, and intellectual constipation that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders declared the enemy of our national interest.  In colonial terms, it was an act of treason.  In today's age it is merely the dying breath of an institutional dinosaur that considers itself the sole hope for the future of humankind.

What is a radical right wing Republican?

This is a minuscule group of beltway eggheads, whose only accomplishment since President Obama took office was the idiotic shutdown of the government.  Why idiotic, these self-proclaimed fiscal conservatives managed to cost the US economy between $12 and $24 billion before finally giving up and caving in.

In fact it was the only thing Senator Ted Cruz accomplished since he was elected to the Senate.

So who is it that anointed the radical right wing special interest as the spokesperson for the Republican Party?  No one as far as I can ascertain.  Fact is the Party of Lincoln is grounded in a very centrist view of government balancing the left against the right, liberalism and conservatism, and a strong central government versus state's rights.

The conservative movement became a self-proclaimed dominant force after the term of President Ronald Reagan, a hero they quote often, but whose philosophy of the role of government is not consistent with the radical right.  Reagan was once a Democrat, leader of the Hollywood Screen Actors Guild, and Governor of California, hardly the perfect credentials to lead the conservative cause.

Right wing conservatives consider the highlight of their influence to be when the federal budget was last balanced in the late 1990's, when the wars were launched in the early 2000's, and when Cruz shut down the government a couple of years ago.

Seems a pretty meager benefit for a period of nearly 36 years, since Reagan took over.  Fact is the increase in government spending and the national debt has exploded over the years in spite of the conservative efforts.  Of course, liberal spending during the same time-period has exploded even more.

How did they do balancing the budget and slashing the National debt?

Balancing the budget took place only when Bill Clinton was president so the conservatives can only claim partial credit.  The Bush years reflect the consequences of an aggressive worldwide war policy that did not have favorable results from a debt standpoint.

While Obama did start out with the recession, he promised to get us out of war, and that did not happen, so his liberal agenda helped drive the national debt up even further.  The cumulative result of all the political promises and wasteful spending by both parties will be a 21 trillion dollar debt when the next president takes office.

What can we expect this year?

As you listen to all the new political promises, ask yourself where the money comes from to pay for the campaign rhetoric.  Our economy is stagnate, so new jobs are the
only hope for digging ourselves out of the massive fissure we fell in to and which we stand to bequeath to our children.
Here are the facts, starting with the historical data on the national debt.

Here are the years since Reagan became president.  Note even the period when Bill Clinton balanced the federal budget, the national debt continued to increase.

At the same time the debt was increasing so was the annual federal budget.

Here is who owns our national debt and us.

Pay attention to our candidates, a millionaire and a billionaire, as they battle for the hearts and votes of middle class America, the silent majority.

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