Thursday, April 12, 2012

Obama's Axelrod Slams Rosen for Slamming Romney


Just Shut Up - the CPT Achievement Award for Sticking both feet in one's big fat mouth.

Today is the aftermath of the firestorm kicked up when Hilary Rosen, close friend of David Axelrod and his wife Susan and Democrat spokesperson on cable news like CNN and others, wins the coveted "Just Shut Up award for making a quite derogatory comment about how Ann Romney, wife of Mitt Romney, has never held a job in her life and therefore has no business telling her husband women are worried about the economy.

Oops - Hilary and David Axelrod

What nonsense.  Once the firestorm started about how typical of liberal Democrats to consider a woman choosing to raise her children, Ann Romney has five boys, is out of touch on women's issues and the economy.

Of course that attitude on behalf of the liberal Rosen totally ignores the sacrifices of Ann Romney, and ignore her partnership with her husband in running for president.  It also ignores the fact she went through bouts with breast cancer and MS diseases.  In short, Rosen seemed to be testing a new element of the Obama war on women strategy, attack the wife since she was getting such good publicity.

Hilary with Susan Axelrod

Not surprising as the Obama campaign has used these rather dirty attack strategies throughout this and the last campaign.  It seems to be part of the Chicago School of Politics.

Remember when they accused former President Clinton of "raising the race issue" during the South Carolina primary in the last campaign.  It helped to stop Hillary Clinton's momentum in her battle for the presidency.

One would think Axelrod and Ploffe, the two politically paranoid Davids controlling everything Obama thinks, eats, does and says, would never let a close friend of Axelrod like Rosen shoot her mouth off about Ann Romney if that was not what they wanted.

I think it might have backfired as the first reaction of Obama's puppet masters the morning after Rosen dropped the incendiary bomb on CNN was to throw her under the bus denying all knowledge of her actions and trashing her comments.  What a friend.

Personally I think they panicked when they realized their spokesperson telling Ann Romney she never worked a day in her life thus casting Romney as a useless wife was really in no position to lecture any woman on the responsibilities of how to raise children.

Rosen is in a gay relationship and she and her partner do have children.  Since Rosen is the career breadwinner, however, she clearly doesn't have experience in what it takes to raise children, she leaves that to her partner.

Even that does not justify condemning someone for having never worked a day in her life.  Or condemning her because she and her husband oppose gay marriage.  On the other hand, it does reflect Rosen's feminist view of women who raise children.

Most of all, she is now a toxic political risk for the Obama campaign and thus she was thrown under the bus.  That means the rest of the liberal media is to ignore her as she no longer speaks for Axelrod or his wife.

I agree with Axelrod, Hilary Rosen should Just Shut Up.

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