Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spectacular explosions on the surface of the sun


Today more spectacular explosions are taking place on the surface of the sun and once again Earth was granted a reprieve as the coronal mass ejection of radiation will miss the Earth.

However, as sun explosions continue to increase in intensity it is only a matter of time before we take a direct hit and our cell phones, IPods, Blackberries, PCs and perhaps even the electrical grid are destroyed.  Are you prepared?

The sun erupted in an amazing solar flare yesterday, unleashing an eruption of magnetic energy that blasted out into space.

The sun storm was captured by NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory which studies the impact of the sun on the earth.

The flare was accompanied by a 'coronal mass ejection' (CME) - a massive burst of solar wind that blows huge quantities of electromagnetic radiation into space.

The solar flare began yesterday afternoon, and is still in progress. NASA captured the flare from their satellite.

The series of flares took place on the left side of the sun. NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory described the CME:

A beautiful prominence eruption shot of the east limb of the sun. Such eruptions are often associated with solar flares, and in this case an M1 class (medium-sized) flare did occur at the same time, though it was not aimed toward Earth. This event, which is still in progress, was seen by NASA’s SDO satellite.

When aimed at Earth, strong solar flares can supercharge the planet's auroras, or northern and southern lights.

Extremely powerful solar flares can pose a danger to astronauts and satellites in space and can even disrupt power grids and communications systems on earth.

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