Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Changes - What do they Mean?


A world turned upside down

Here I am in Southern Maryland where just 3 days ago it was 88 degrees in mid April. Today I was going to drive to Kentucky but had to postpone the trip a day because of snow in the Appalachia Mountains.

My route was through Beckley, West Virginia and it is snowing in the mountain pass just above Beckley.  So we had almost no snow all winter and now the Northeast gets hit by the most snow of the year.  Hardly seems like April is almost over.

Around here the trees and plants are budding and blooming 3-4 weeks too early because of the unseasonable warm.  Insects are about a month too early as well.  New crops and new buds could get frozen and the snow could wipe out the flowers which would further wipe out the bees.

Before the domino effect of the weird weather is over we could all be wiped out like the Mayans predicted.

I've already reported about how tornadoes are increasing, there is an increase in the number of severe earthquakes, we have experienced exceptional flooding and increased volcanic activity.  Solar storms are another area I have discussed several times and they are now reaching record highs.

Fortunately it is a big Earth so our record warmth is offset by the European and Russian record cold.  None of our extreme weather changes are the most extreme in history, they have all happened before.

Earth has had five Ice Ages, all without the benefit of "civilized humans" and their bad habits like big cars, cosmetics obsessions, plastic water bottles and other stuff.  The last Ice Age started about two million years ago and ended about 10,000 years ago.  Talk about a deep freeze.

Before you start sensing doom remember that an Ice Age is when around 30% of the Earth is covered by ice sheets, not the whole thing.  Still, it sure seems as if we are having quite a time with the weather.

Several photos in this story show the potential consequences of the next meltdown from an Ice Age according to  Others are my idea of more interesting consequences from the crazy weather.

Now don't get me started on the potential for manmade messing around with the weather which earlier stories have detailed including some pretty high tech and quite lethal experiments.  For the moment, give me back my early summer so I can go out and bag some rays.


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