Thursday, April 05, 2012

Letter from the Editor: Cyber Security - Of course you're not alone!


Got an autonomous email, probably from the W____ H____.  It was just one line.  "Are you out of your mind?  It was a good question so I thought about it for a while.

Then answered, "maybe just a little bit."

I'm sure that private communication between two people about rather personal matters will be sold, resold, hacked and manipulated by the dark side of the Internet world before it is even read.

The virtual world of Internet predators is alive, well and in total control of your life if you let them be.  Most times you don't even know you did.

In fact the world wide dependence on the Internet suggest it is the lifeblood of today's generation.  So we have a new generation for the first time absolutely dependent on external technology and the information embedded in that technology for the survival and evolution of our culture.

Oh my gosh, I'm starting to sound like one of those ethereal theoretical brains in the Obama academia playground called the White House.

Still, in the mysterious cyber world, we are not being told the truth.

Identity theft, hacking into personal files, stolen cell phone, credit card and social security numbers have spawned an entire new industry, cyber theft.  Billions and billions and even more billions of dollars are lost to cyber theft every year.

But don't worry.  If someone steals from one of your accounts the phone company or credit card company will not charge you if you bring it to their attention.  Of course if you don't notice it on your bill, you may be liable.

Just count on being a cyber victim.  And you might as well count on an increase in cell phone, banking or other fees to cover the cost of losses paid out.  They are not going to lose money just because they lost money when they can count on the government, federal government that is, to give them a tax credit to cover any extra cost.

The public never comes out ahead.

Right now so many government agencies have hacked into computers owned by other governments, corporations or persons of interest that they need to protect their assets by making certain the status quo remains.

In other words, cyber security systems that really do protect data have long been known to the government, both intelligence and defense agencies.

The abilities of these new and largely unknown security measures in terms of the detection of unwanted hack attacks, and the ability to make the protected information simply disappear into cyber oblivion, are among the powerful features that could protect you and your private records from preying eyes, cyber thieves and Big Brother.

But if these breakthrough technologies were allowed to be sold to the world then they would expose the secret cyber activities of all the intelligence agencies along with the financial theft, marketing and predatory activities currently underway.

As long as no one but the consumer loses through higher service fees, inflation and other techniques then the economy can continue uninterrupted.  So much is "off the balance sheet" anymore no one really understands the full implications of the validity of our financial system and it's underlying foundation.

Common sense alone should alert you to warning signs about the ability of our federal government to be benevolent, efficient, fair or even competent.  There are some things they do right, even better than the private sector.  But if there is current corruption in the cyber world those involved must be punished commensurate to the broadest impact of their crime.

If someone steals your purse they could be charged with a criminal misdemeanor because your victim is one person.  They would probably get probation.

In the cyber world one attack or hack could steal millions of people's records and generate tens of millions of dollars in consumer fraud.  It could take over a nuclear reactor or shut down the electric supply to a city.

You are not protected.  The master cyber thieves leave no trace of their raid on your life and identity.  Their goal, like the goal of intelligence agencies as well, is to plant enough undetected monitors in your system to allow them to see all email, texts, transactions, cell phone calls, current and historical Internet searches, GPS uses, and well you get the idea.

In America in the digital world you will never be alone.  In fact there may be a rather large crowd already monitoring your every transaction, movement, interests and forms of entertainment.

If you want cyber security go live with the Hopi Indians in Arizona.  But first give up all your so called "modern" conveniences.

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