Friday, April 20, 2012

Obama Democrat Pit Bulls Called Off - Romney wins Dog World


I'll be doggone - Axelrod underestimates Obama's taste for dogs

In a shocking political turnaround that could easily swing the rest of the western world into Romney's corner, it seems those Democrat pit bulls Axelrod and Wasserman-Shultz, bit off a little more than they could chew.

For weeks the Obama surrogates have worked the compliant national media into story after story about how Romney drove to Canada with his dog on the roof.  Only a goof ball would think a dog would rather be in the car with five little boys, but that was the Obama campaign strategy.

Well, as always the truth finally comes out in politics and the truth was rather hard to swallow, even to the Chicago boys.

Romney might like his dog on the roof, but Obama seems to have liked his dog for dinner.  It seems the liberal media forgot to check Obama's own best selling book for his own vulnerabilities regarding dogs.

If they had, they would have noticed Obama talked about, well, eating dog in Indonesia which seems to be a bit more extreme than Romney's dog riding in a car carrier on the roof.

As the Obama campaign team continues to fumble the ball on issue after issue and talking point after talking point the Obama White House is beginning to look more like a fraternity party than presidency.

Their attempts to paint Obama as the chosen one or messiah fall apart every time the media takes the time to fact check the White House.  Too bad the lame street media didn't even bother vetting Obama in 2008, they were too busy drooling, or we might have known a lot more about our president.

For example, yes, the same guy (Obama) who says Republicans were the ones who declared war on women does not allow women to golf or play basketball with him.

Maybe the Obama slogan should be "I am what I say, not what I am."  Then truth might prevail.

Leave the dogs alone, they still have a reputation for loyalty and honesty.


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