Friday, May 11, 2012

Washington Post & NY Times Deify Obama, Trash Romney and Set Back Gay Rights by a Generation - What Next?


In one of the most bizarre moves by the lame street media ever undertaken those bastions of liberal socialism, the Washington Post and New York Times, in an apparent desperate effort to steer the election to Barack Obama, sank to the depths of yellow journalism and media distortion with front page stories that brought tears of joy from the gay community that will soon be replaced by tears of despair when they realize they were sold out.

This week began with Vice President Biden supporting gay marriages thus forcing a clearly theatrical performance by Obama worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize performance when he first got elected.

When Obama confessed to ABC that he has now evolved to accepting gay marriage the liberal media shouted with joy, the gay community over flowed with tears of gratitude and the gay community was hoodwinked into pumping $25 million into the Obama campaign.

But when the dust actually settles we find Obama has now adopted the very policy endorsed long ago by Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, even Sarah Palin and countless other opponents of gay rights.  What Obama did was toss the gay community under the bus in the most political expedient move yet by a very politically expedient president.

Did I mention in very small print the liberal media noted Obama now supports state's rights when it comes to deciding the gay marriage issue and so far 32 states have voted AGAINST gay marriage when given a choice.

The only thing historic about the position of the president is how the media distorted the impact by fooling the gay community, yes making total fools of the gay Obama lovers, into believing he stood by them.  Wake up people!  By hiding behind the Reagan - Bush - Republican principle of state's rights Obama has set back the gay rights movement by a generation if not more and insured no national gay rights to marriage will ever be implemented while he is president.

Of course the Washington Post was not content to deify Obama but had to further divert attention from the faltering Obama economic recovery program by a page one story on that most dastardly of all deeds, the pranks Romney played in secondary school some 50 years ago.

Three pages of the second most egotistical paper in the world were devoted to Romney's life in the 1960's and how some pranks might have gotten out of hand.  Three pages were used to imply that childhood pranks should be considered bullying 50 years after the fact.  The next day the second bastion of liberalism, the New York Times, also gave page one coverage to the story.

By the way, ABC fact checked and the family of the supposed victim in the Post and Times said the facts were distorted in the news stories, that there was no bullying.

My how the media has fallen off the cliff when it comes to journalistic standards.  It is one thing when the cable news distort information because that is what they do but the two most famous newspapers in America devoting major page one position and three whole pages to a 50 year old story on the Republican candidate from his secondary school experience back in the days of Elvis, Viet Nam, civil rights and presidential assassinations is almost criminal.

Does that mean the Post and Times, in the interest of fairness, will now do a story on the far more reckless and dangerous high school and youth activities of Obama when he smoked pot and used cocaine?  Fat chance.

By coupling the Obama evolution story with the Romney bullying story in an apparent effort to prove Romney not only opposes gay marriage but supposedly roughed up gays some 50 years ago was the perfect cover to the fact Obama's miraculous awakening actually brought the Chosen One into full agreement with none other than, oops, Mitt Romney.

Character assassination, even using innuendo like our former twin pillars of journalism, has proven the true colors of the Post and Times and they sure aren't soft pink like the papers would like you to think, they are blood red, the color of the victims of such mumbo jumbo.

With Obama now turning gay marriage over to the states where 64% have already rejected gay marriage is like holding a gala on the Titanic knowing the cause is now doomed.

Of course the Obama campaign is laughing all the way to the bank as they just raised about $25 million in blood money from the pro-gay Hollywood community as a result of the president's epiphany, charging the amazing price of $40,000 per person for dinner with the President.

According to charities the one night take from the Hollywood elite would have provided all the needs for a year, not just food or housing, for 85,000 children.  Hundreds of thousands of starving children could have been fed for a year from one night of Obama campaign fundraising.

When the truth be finally told the politicians will once again have conned the do gooders and the new standard for Obama's "transfer of wealth" policy will be from the pockets of Hollywood into the Obama campaign coffers.

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