Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Obamaville - February 1 - Florida Primary Recap


GOP Candidates Take Aim at Obama Economy

The people spoke and once again the pundits are wrong.  Just last week The New York Times said Newt Gingrich had a 73.3% chance of winning the Florida primary.  He got buried by 14% by the Romney organization.  But the real story which should be of concern to Obama's Chicago campaign team was the breakdown of the vote.

Romney strengthened his position in nearly every important demographic including women, the Tea Party, Catholics, conservatives, Latinos and others who make up the core of the Independent vote in America.  Slowly but surely, as if a slumbering elephant coming back to life, the message of Mitt Romney is starting to resonate with the voters.

America's future is about jobs and strengthening the economy.  It is not about excuses.  It is about promises broken and policies gone wrong.  It is about a regulatory assault on small business and the American economic engine.  It is about a president who chooses to ignore the reality of capitalism and who pins his hopes on three years of failed social engineering.

It is about a track record of enthusiastic promises, followed by dismal results.  In a word, it is about the difference when the president of the United States fails to provide leadership, even when he controlled the congress.  The president blames Republicans for all his many woes yet he did nothing to change the massive problems he so successfully articulated when he controlled the House and the Senate for two years with a solid Democratic majority.

A $16 trillion national debt.  A trillion dollar budget deficit every year he has been preisdent.  No strengthening of Social Security or Medicare.  An increase in unemployment.  A recovery that has failed to restore 5 million jobs lost in the recession.  Stimulus and bailouts that failed to generate economic growth. A failuire to even address the need for energy independence.  A health care reform program, Obamacare, that has seen health care costs and health insurance premiums continue to soar.  The collapse of the housing market and failure to address the foreclosure nightmare.

For the first time in post election speeches the three major candidates focused on the president and not each other.  Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul each gave passionate and quite different attacks on the president's performance since being elected and laid out a wealth of ideas on how the president is vulnerable.

Romney won the primary handily and there is evidence the GOP is coming together in their mission to stop Obama from further damaging the America the people want to see restored.  No matter how much trivia the media and White House throw at Romney and the other candidates, no matter how negative the campaign ads may get, all Republicans and about 50% of Independents are becoming united in the determination to throw out the politicians including President Obama.

The worst fear of the president is that he might have to run on his record as president.  Because when it comes to domestic issues there is no record.  You cannot defend doing nothing and contributing to the malaise in our nation's capitol.

Stay tuned for the next efforts of the media and Obama administration to try and divert attention from the record.  The Congressional Budget Office (non-partisan) and many others keep warning us that we are far from out of the economic danger and we are doing nothing to address the long term problems facing our nation.


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