Friday, February 17, 2012

Letter to the Reader of the Coltons Point Times


From Jim Putnam, Publisher

First let me thank you for taking the time to read the Coltons Point Times.  Since 2006 I have published the CPT though my first articles appeared in newspapers 50 years ago in the Des Moines Register in Iowa.  I was in high school at the time.

My letter today is to request your help in bringing the important issues we discuss to the attention of the public.  Today's Internet is not truth friendly and what is perceived as truth are the advertiser driven articles of traditional media trying to give us the same old news in a repackaged format.

We accept no advertising.  We do not allow anyone to advertise directly or through the various Internet service companies cluttering most web pages.  There are two ways people can discover the Coltons Point Times.

First is by independent referral from people like you.  There is a hidden power in the Internet not exploited by crass commercialization and that is the power of people to share information.  No one can stop you from telling your family, friends and associates to check out something interesting on the Net.  Much of the CPT base came through personal referral and we appreciate all those who have helped share our message of truth and awareness.

A second way of creating awareness of the CPT is when other news media or blogs pick up the article.  It was this technique that lifted one article I wrote, "A Trillionaires Delight", to one of the top read articles on the Internet and to this day hundreds of websites still have the article posted.  One site alone logged over 80,000 reads of the article.

Unfortunately a lot of blog sites carry many of my articles and don't attribute them to the Coltons Point Times so people never know the true source of the information.  A lot of cable and network news shows also lift information from the articles but never attribute the source.

Since my goal is to stimulate thought on issues, not tell you what to think, I am not so concerned about such a use of material.  That is the reality of today's media.  Over time people will discover the source of the truth.

So please let people you know hear about the Coltons Point Times and give them the direct link to the site:

Now a little about the CPT.  One of the features of CPT is that every article back to 2006 is archived on line and can be easily accessed from the screen.  Occasionally I post the locations of multiple articles about a similar subject, like the 7 part Lyme Disease series, and give links.

You need not always agree with me.  You see,  I was a debater in high school and never agreed with myself on much of anything.  Unfortunately those nuns didn't agree with me much either.  But the debate experience taught me to appreciate and respect both sides of every issue.

I am delighted to receive comments from anyone but my family because I gave up trying to educate them long ago when I became a newspaper reporter and discovered none of my family read the newspaper.  To this day they still ask me what I do.

I do hope you find the articles informative, sometimes entertaining, and mostly thought provoking because if you don't learn to question all those experts in your life you are in serious trouble.

This Coltons Point Times newspaper remains the only absolutely free, identity safe, no advertising allowed newspaper site in cyber space.  All comments can be anonymous and no names or registrations are required so I can't sell an email list.

If you suffer from an addiction to all those pop up ads, banners, special offers and all sorts of wastes of time and money you may not want to read the Coltons Point Times.  On the other hand, if you value your freedom, long for your privacy and cherish the truth then you found a home.

The most recent statistics indicate about 56% of my readers are from the United States, the top states being California, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan.  There are readers from all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Internationally the top countries for readership are Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Australia, Philippines and Italy with readers in 64 countries including all of Europe and nations from China to Japan, South Africa to France, and Brazil to Mexico.

Since Coltons Point is a village of about 300 people in Southern Maryland, I am very grateful to the national and worldwide exposure I receive.  However, your assistance in reaching more people will help empower them to think for themselves and question what they learn.

Nothing is more important than seeking truth.

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cjwr said...

You seem to like eagles. They've become common in Iowa. You might enjoy this if you have reasonably hi-speed service and a little time to spare:

It's the second year observing this pair.