Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Debbie Wasserman Schultz - She's No Sarah Palin


Obama's Democrat Mouthpiece Toes the Obama Line

If you are not a professional politician or member of the Lame Street Media then by now you must be missing the over-shadowing presence of one Sarah Palin from the daily campaign scene.  No one politician has ever rattled the cages of the establishment and liberal media like Palin and it did not matter if she did or said anything.  As long as she was a viable spokesperson for the Tea Party, the Momma Grizzlies or any other group of anti-establishment people, she riled the liberal media and Democrats like no one could.

By the end of the 2008 campaign the GOP lost the election but by only 7% of the vote.  With Obama running against the most unpopular president in history, the economy in a shambles, America in decline, two endless wars killing our youth, millions losing jobs and millions more losing their homes, it is hard to believe Obama could not win by a landslide.

Palin was most responsible for keeping the GOP ticket in the race, a fact that will never be agreed to by the media and Democrats whose faces still turn red with hatred or envy when they think of this shotgun toting Alaska firecracker.

Well Obama must have wanted his own Sarah Palin knowing that she was the only thorn in his side during the campaign so he named his answer to Sarah, a Congressional Democrat named Debbie Wasserman Schultz from Florida.

In some ways she has seemed to parrot Sarah Palin because she has demonstrated an ability to polarize the public, to annoy the Republicans with her half baked arguments against anything relating to the GOP, and with her total disregard for Republicans, Independents and reality.

However, she is just an Obama spokesperson and no Obama spokesperson is allowed to have a mind of their own or a concern for anything non-Obama.  If one were to fact check her stream of consciousness blurted out in sound bites over the liberal media every day it would take a virtual encyclopedia to correct the record.  Then again, she uses the traditional political party spokesperson model of throwing truth to the wind when talking to the people.  Forget the facts, just stick with the party line.

Wasserman Shultz is no Sarah Palin and her attempts to emulate the success and power of the conservative media star of the Tea Party have about as much chance of succeeding as the Obama economic recovery program.

Many a politician tried to control Palin and failed.  Even the McCain campaign could not silence her and her ideas on what was wrong with America.  Long after she lost the election her bitter enemies continued to try and destroy her reputation and her life but she survived attack after attack and made herself into something of a folk hero for standing up to the ruthless establishment in Washington, D.C.

Slowly the Obama party line voiced by Debbie Wasserman Schultz may just draw the real Sarah Palin back in to the presidential campaign as a counter point to the deluge of babble and we most surely could use the common sense and lightning impact of Sarah in offsetting the billion dollar re-election campaign promised by the president.

Stay tuned...

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