Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Obamaville, February 7 - President Obama's True Colors?


It is only Tuesday and it has already been a weird week in Obamaville.  Maybe it is the weather?  Maybe the fact the Super Bowl is over?  Maybe because today, February 7, is a full moon and the spirits are mischievous?

No matter, with the attention off the Republicans the Obama administration has a strange way of using the available air time.  So far the policies and decisions of the Obama gang the past few days has threatened traditional Democrat bases long taken for granted by the Democrats.

The Roman Catholic Church

First his Department of Health and Human Services under Secretary Kathleen Sebelius lowered the boom on the Roman Catholic Church by telling them the federal government now required all Catholic Charities and hospitals to offer free birth control through health insurance (Obamacare) to hundreds of thousands of Catholic employees.

The agency has the noble motto "Our goal is for all Americans to live healthier, more prosperous, and more productive lives."  Notice they say nothing about religion, morality, religious freedom, censorship, or politics.

It is important to note that one out of every six Americans get their health care from the Catholic Church.

Then the Obama Office of the Chief of Chaplains of the U.S. Army forbade Catholic chaplains from reading, in Sunday masses, a letter about a controversial Obamacare mandate from the Catholic Church’s military archbishop. The censorship move, which resulted in the head of Roman Catholic military chaplains calling the Obama administration un-American, sets the stage for a philosophical conflict between Catholic soldiers and their commander-in-chief.

Okay, so now the Obama boys have threatened to drive away the Catholics.

Wall Street and our Super PAC Populist President

Then there is Obama's wavering relationship with Wall Street.  Goldman Sachs led the way in getting Wall Street money to elect Obama in 2008.  In return Obama spent the last three years demonizing Wall Street, corporate America and big business and castigating the Supreme Court for allowing such demons to fund political campaigns.

Today, our trustworthy president who is devoted to his people's agenda reversed himself yet again and decided those demonic Super PACs have found God and can now fund the Obama political campaign.  So he has now gone full cycle, from pro Wall Street in 2008 to anti-Wall  Street in 2009-2012 to pro-Wall Street on February 7, 2012.

I'm not sure how all those liberals that he promised to take on the 1% fat cats will react to him once again embracing the very fat cats he characterized as demons.  This year is so crazy that the Wall Street Occupiers will have to occupy the White House next.

That means the Obama boys have threatened to drive away either the Wall Street fat cats or liberal populists or both.

Latinos and Immigration

The traditional support for the Democrats is also fading away as Obama has failed to bring about immigration reform, has failed to deal with illegal immigration, has failed to move the Dream Act giving illegal kids who attend American schools the right to become citizens, along with broken promises like helping Mexico with the drug war.  Isn't 45,000 innocent Mexican deaths from our drug war about enough?

The Latino population of the United States is expected to exceed 50 million, or roughly 1 in 6 Americans; among U.S. children, Hispanics are now roughly 1 in 4, according to Pew Hispanic Center analysis of U.S. Census Data.

The population numbers released by the Census show the Hispanic population on track to be 900,000 higher than expected as their ranks surpassed census estimates in roughly 40 states. Many of their biggest jumps were in the South, including Alabama, Louisiana and North Carolina, where immigrants made large inroads over the last decade.

With over 60% of the 50 million Latino people Roman Catholics, whether they are from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba or South America, this powerful electoral force also is interested in the Obama handling of the church on birth control and abortion.

I guess this was a week the president missed a few bases.

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