Friday, February 24, 2012

Smoking pot found to cause slackers to slack off at work


If that isn't the most obvious conclusion to one of the dumbest studies ever conducted.  At first I thought this must be part of the new Obama health care initiative since this is just the kind of study you would expect from those left wing socialists.

Then I remembered those left wing socialists most likely used to be 1960's hippies and are probably growing the best pot in the world by now and since more than half the states now have medical marijuana I don't want to upset a great source for really good medicine in my old age.

This does sound like a typical federal government study however, a study of something else we already knew and really have no interest in further study, or rehashing in this case.

Once I found out it was done in Norway I understood.  Norway is directly in the path of prevailing winds from the Netherlands and Amsterdam, where pot is served from menus in cafes.  The smoke cloud must seem like a morning fog in Norway.

Obama, Bush & Clinton smoked pot

In fact, pot is not legal in Norway and the Norwegian authorities do every bit as good a job of keeping pot out of their country as we do here in the states.  So why is Reuters news service doing a story about something this corny?

I mean Iran is rattling nuclear weapons at the world, Syria is systematically slaughtering their population, the price of gasoline is once again going through the roof as the money market shows it's true colors, and Reuters decides to cover this major marijuana exposé.

In typical pot smoking fashion, doesn't everything seem to be in slow motion for serious pot smokers, this study followed 1700 Norwegians over a 25 year period.  The results were inconclusive.

I guess after smoking pot for 25 years you have no clue what the hell you were supposed to be doing at work in the first place.

Now here in America there are probably a few other more significant reasons workers might slack off after 25 years.  Like they hate their boss.  Or they hate their job.  Maybe they are tired of paying taxes.  Or tired of making money for some fat cat owner of the company.

Next thing you know to be a plant manager will mean you have to grow grass.

Think I can get in a clinical trial for 25 years to see if pot smokers out perform general slackers and disgruntled employees?  Or just maybe the whole concept should go up in smoke.

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