Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Super Bowl or Social Blabfest - You Decide!


The day after the Super Bowl is usually dominated by following the MVP to Disneyland and the David Letterman Show followed by a ticker tape parade through the Canyon of Legends in New York City.

This year was a classic battle of strength between gladiators and cunning between rival coaches, both of whom were out of the New York Giants organization and destined for the NFL Hall of Fame.

So what happened?  The Internet social network overwhelmed the Main Street and Lame Street media and drop kicked  the follow up stories about the game through the goal posts. Instead, Face Book and Twitter ruled the next 24 hours and we are still feeling the lingering impact 48 hours later.

What football game Super Bowl Sunday?  According to the Viral Jabbernet the Super Bowl was really the Social Bawl where people, millions of people, trashed about every trivial aspect of the event having nothing to do with anything.

Madonna lip-synching?  Gisele's lips moving?  Clint Eastwood endorsing Barack Obama?

Come on, I'm a Giants fan and watched the game and none of those three dominant game topics of our Internet social network bothered me.  I was interested in the terrific game between great rivals and the uncanny ability of New York teams to win the big ones, even when not the favorite.

Young Madonna

As for Madonna, she fought her way to the top of the pop world and people could always dance to her music.  I thought her show was great entertainment.  Now some of my friends in the music business pointed out some technical problems but they were things I didn't notice. I was focused on the game.

Madonna today

And Gisele, well I had heard about Gisele Bundchen as a model and just vaguely in the far corners of my memory banks I thought I had heard something about Tom Brady and a supermodel but I never put the two together.

I thought her pre-game prayer Tweet thing was kind of refreshing.  Asking her circle of friends to pray for her husband when he was going to go out and be beat up by the best, meanest and strongest linemen in the world seemed a good idea.

So after the game some Giants fans are hassling her, and no one is better than New York and New Jersey Giants fans at heckling, and she shots off a four letter word while defending her husband saying "he can't throw the @#@#ing ball and catch it."

Are you kidding?  She was dead right.  The Patriots receivers dropped four critical passes, including two huge gains on the last drive to try and win.  And how many men in America wouldn't be thrilled to have one of the world's most popular supermodels as their wife and come to their defense after such a stressful game.  What WAS wrong was someone eavesdropping on her private life and recording her private conversation on a cell phone, then posting it on the Internet.

The Internet is a great tool but it is also the greatest assault on the right to privacy in the history of the world.

Finally, we come to one of my favorite movie actors and courageous movie directors, Clint Eastwood.  The Quiet Man in the saddle did a Super Bowl ad for the City of Detroit about how the city was halfway recovered from the recession thanks to the recovery of the Detroit auto industry.

Before the next commercial started the viral airways were filled with Tweets about how Clint Eastwood, a well known and respected Republican supporter and office holder, a mayor, was suddenly backing President Obama.  Of course that was not said in the ad, just in the subconscious minds of the media manipulators.

Today Clint came out and said it was nonsense, he has no intention of supporting President Obama.  And he had every right to support the auto industry recovery and Detroit.  Damn right Dirty Harry!

In the end, maybe the tweeters had it right.  Just look at this Reuters news story after the Super Bowl.

(Reuters) - Quarterback Eli Manning and his New York Giants may have beaten superstar Tom Brady and the New England Patriots at Sunday's Super Bowl, but none them could outmuscle Madonna -- at least, where TV audiences were concerned.

A record 111.3 million U.S. viewers watched the Giants defeat the Patriots in the professional football championship, but 114 million watched the halftime performance by Madonna that drew mostly mixed reviews and a firestorm of controversy over a rude gesture by rapper M.I.A.

Ratings tracker Nielsen on Monday said the Super Bowl on the NBC network was the most-watched TV program in U.S. history, eclipsing the 111.0 million who watched 2011's game. An extra three million tuned in for Madonna's glitzy, Cleopatra-themed performance, giving the Material Girl the distinction of having the most-watched Super Bowl halftime show ever.

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