Monday, February 06, 2012

Madonna's Super Bowl Show


I commented on the incredible difficulty of staging a show like Madonna did at the Super Bowl and the pressure of performing before 111 Americans live.  Even watching the show did not allow the time or the close ups nencessary to see the massive scope of the production.

For that reason we are presenting a series of photos highlighting various elements of the production.  It givews you a much better understanding of the process.

In addition, as for the controversy about whether she sang live or lip-synched, perhaps there was a little of both.  For certain there was use of a backing track which can compliment a live performance but it is rather standard in concerts and still allows the lead singing.

In earlier TV intereviews she insisted she would be singing live at the Super Bowl so the backing track would seem to allow that to happen.

No matter what, for a 53 year old to perform for just 13 minutes in a program full of such energy and physical movement, it was quite a production.


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